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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat level should I be to fight moss giants?

What level should I be to fight moss giants?

Moss giants are aggressive to players with a combat level of 102 or lower. Free-to-play players can find moss giants in the Varrock sewers, whilst members can find 20 in Brimhaven dungeon.

What loot do moss giants drop?

Moss giants are very commonly trained on, since their Defence level is rather low in comparison to other monsters of the same combat level. It can drop the mossy key, which is required to fight the moss giant boss Bryophyta.

Can you have multiple mossy keys?

A mossy key grants players access to Bryophyta’s lair in the moss giant section of the Varrock Sewers. It is consumed when used to unlock the gate, allowing one fight with Bryophyta per key. It is possible to hold more than one mossy key at once.

How do you get the Slayer task in moss giants?

Moss giants can be assigned as a slayer task from the Slayer masters: Krystilia at any level and at level 40 combat from Vannaka. Moss giants can be found in many places around Gielinor. All levels of moss giants have +0 defensive stats, which means that they are equally weak to all attack styles.

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Where can I Cannon moss giants Osrs?

A good place to place the cannon is in the clearing on the south of the island. If the player then stands to the west of it, the cannon will rotate and shoot two of the moss giants, while another will spawn on top of the cannon for the player to attack themselves.

How do I get to the center of moss on giant island Osrs?

Moss Giant Island is a small island located west of Brimhaven. The island has five moss giants, and requires 10 Agility to access it using the ropeswing (Rope not required).

How do I get to Moss Giant Island Osrs?

Moss Giant Island is a small island just off the north-west corner of Karamja. Level 10 Agility is required to swing on the tree-hung rope to access this island. There are 5 moss giants on the island.

How do you get big bones Osrs?

Big bones are a bigger variant of bones. They are always dropped by certain large monsters including giants, ogres, trolls, cyclopes, and the lizards in the Kharidian Desert just north of Nardah. A few spawns of big bones can also be found in the Bone Yard in the Wilderness.

What does the magic staff do Osrs?

A magic staff is a magic weapon providing standard magical bonuses and the autocast option when equipped. It is an improvement over the basic staff, with over double the magical bonuses and higher melee bonuses. Due to not having any elemental features, it has no long-term utility.

How do I get to varrock sewers?

The Varrock Sewers can be accessed via a manhole just east of Varrock Palace. Members can also access the sewers through Edgeville Dungeon by using a pipe shortcut near Vannaka – this requires 51 Agility, and drops players off near some of the moss giants.

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What is giant key used for Osrs?

An extraordinarily large brass key (used to access the Hill Titan’s lair). A giant key grants players access to Obor’s lair in the Hill Giant section of the Edgeville Dungeon. It is consumed when used to unlock the gate, allowing one Obor fight per key.

What do I do with crystal key Osrs?

The crystal key is used to open the crystal chest located inside a house in Taverley. It is created by combining a tooth half of key with a loop half of key, displaying the message “You join the two halves of the key together.” The crystal key can only be used on the chest once. After it is used, it disappears.

Where can I find moss giants in Runescape?

Location: End of Varrock Sewers, Crandor Isle, West of the Fishing Guild, Red Dragon Dungeon, Moss Giant Isle near Brimhaven, Brimhaven Dungeon, Pirates’ Cove (Must have started Lunar Diplomacy Quest), Chaos Tunnels, and north of the Wilderness Volcano.

How do I get to bryophyta?

In order to reach Bryophyta, players will need a knife or slash weapon to slash the web to get to the lair if they are reaching her via the Varrock Sewers. Members with level 51 Agility do not need this as they can access an agility shortcut by Vannaka in the Edgeville Dungeon.

How do you get to Brimhaven?

There are several ways to get to Brimhaven, the quickest being the Teleport to House spell, assuming the player’s house is in Brimhaven. More ways include teleporting to the Karamja lodestone, the charter ships, the amulet of glory teleport to Musa Point, or via the ship from East Ardougne (requires 30 coins).

How do you get Karamja jam?

Karamja Jam is a music track that is unlocked in Brimhaven Dungeon, in the areas with red dragons, black demons, or metal dragons. However you will need either 36 woodcutting or 83 agility to access one of these areas.

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Where is Drezel?

Drezel is a monk who lives in the passage bordering Morytania and the forest east of Varrock, under Paterdomus. He is heavily involved with the Priest in Peril quest, where you must help him escape from jail, and once that is completed, players can talk to him to start the Nature Spirit quest.

What do you do with Ensouled heads?

These heads can be reanimated by using the appropriate spell within the Arceuus spellbook on the head. Each reanimated monster killed will give the player Arceuus favour and Prayer experience, with increasing favour and experience as the Magic requirement to reanimate the monster increases.

Is being big-boned a thing?

A euphemism has come true. According to a new study by forensic scientists, overweight people really are “big-boned.” The finding will help forensic investigators determine the weight of a long-deceased person a clue to his or her identity by analyzing the size of a skeleton’s bones .

Which staff is best in Osrs?

All in all, the Toxic Staff of the Dead is the best staff to use for your magic characters. It costs about 8.8 million OSRS gold in the Grand Exchange. You can also make one by using a Magic Fang on a regular Staff of the Dead.

Can you autocast without a staff Osrs?

Autocasting no longer requires a magic staff. Autocasting is now controlled via your spellbook. To set a spell to autocast, simply select a spell, right click it and select the “Autocast” option from the spell icon in your spellbook.

Can staff of the dead autocast ancients?

Can autocast both Ancient Magicks and standard spells. Has a special attack which consumes 55% of the player’s special attack energy and deals a high amount of damage with 50% increased accuracy. This attack does not consume runes. Otherwise possesses identical bonuses and benefits to the Nightmare staff.

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