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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat key do I need for Hill Giants?

What key do I need for Hill Giants?

The brass key is the key that is obtained in the Edgeville Dungeon and allows the player to enter it just north of the Hill Giant room via the shed with the locked door.

Where can I find Hill Giants?

A Hill Giant is a type of giant found in several locations around RuneScape, most highly concentrated in the far southern end of the Edgeville Dungeon. These dungeons may be accessed through the entrance located in the house north-east of Barbarian Village and west of the Cooks’ Guild if the player has a Brass key.

Which Slayer master gives Hill Giants?

You can help by contributing to it. Hill giants can be assigned as a slayer task from Mazchna and Vannaka at level 25 combat.

Are Hill Giants members only?

The Distraction & Diversion just uses the term ‘giant’, but the only type of giant that drops the scroll is the Hill Giant. This is only for members.

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Can you have more than one giant key Osrs?

A giant key grants players access to Obor’s lair in the Hill Giant section of the Edgeville Dungeon. It is consumed when used to unlock the gate, allowing one Obor fight per key. It is possible to hold more than one giant key at once.

What does the brass key do?

The brass key grants access to the back door of the Edgeville Dungeon. This is extremely useful as it shortens the distance between the ore in the mine and the bank in the Grand Exchange. Access to the back door is located in a house west of the Cooks’ Guild.

Can you get more than one mossy key?

A mossy key grants players access to Bryophyta’s lair in the moss giant section of the Varrock Sewers. It is consumed when used to unlock the gate, allowing one fight with Bryophyta per key. It is possible to hold more than one mossy key at once.

How big is a Hill Giant?

Description. Hill giants normally stood around 16 feet (4.9 meters) tall, but males could reach about 17 feet (5.2 meters) in height, although some reports of giants from other worlds put them at around 10​ to ​10.5 feet (3​ to ​3.2 meters).

Where is the Edgeville Dungeon?

The Edgeville Dungeon is a dungeon in Edgeville. It contains a large variety of monsters spanning across a wide range of levels. It can be accessed by a trapdoor south of the Edgeville bank, or a locked shed (requiring a Brass key to open) west of the Cooks’ Guild.

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Where can I fight giants in RuneScape?

Edgeville Dungeon and the resource dungeon within is a popular location to fight hill giants, as both a bank and the Grand Exchange are close by. The dungeons may be accessed through the trapdoor in the ruins south of Edgeville, or in a hut west of the Cooking Guild if the player has a brass key.

How do you get the brass key in Hill Giants?

To get the key, you must enter the Edgeville Dungeon through the back way in the entrance south of the Edgeville bank and make your way through the dungeon. Just north of the hill giant room, there is a small circular room with the key on the ground. It re-spawns every minute.

What are Moss Giants weak to?

They attack with melee and are weak to fire spells, however melee is also effective against them. Moss giants are popular for training, especially on Free-to-play worlds, because they are one of the few creatures that drop Big bones.

How do I get to the Edgeville Dungeon in rs3?

It can be accessed by a trapdoor south of the Edgeville bank, or a locked shed (requiring a Brass key to open) west of the Cooks’ Guild. The southern half of the dungeon is free-to-play, and is a popular location for killing Hill Giants on free-to-play worlds.

How heavy is a Hill Giant?

Hill giants wear layers of crudely prepared hides with the fur left on. They seldom wash or repair their garments, preferring to simply add more hides as their old ones wear out. Adults are about 10½ feet tall and weigh about 1,100 pounds. Hill giants can live to be 200 years old.

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Are Hill Giants large or huge?

Hill Giant For all that they are beefy, they are still the smallest of the giants coming in at only 16′ tall, they’re still bigger than the average elephant.

What do you do with Ensouled heads?

These heads can be reanimated by using the appropriate spell within the Arceuus spellbook on the head. Each reanimated monster killed will give the player Arceuus favour and Prayer experience, with increasing favour and experience as the Magic requirement to reanimate the monster increases.

How do you get to Molch Osrs?

A quick way to travel to Molch is to use a Skills necklace to teleport to the Farming Guild and run south across the bridge and through the swamp. Another quick way is to use the fairy ring code DJR, running west and taking the Boaty directly to Molch. The step pyramid just west of the village.


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