Home Technology What is URL: Blacklist infected with? Avast-Blocking Malicious URLs

What is URL: Blacklist infected with? Avast-Blocking Malicious URLs

What is URL: Blacklist infected with? Avast-Blocking Malicious URLs

Today, we are going to discuss What is URL: Blacklist infected with? Avast-Blocking Malicious URLs

Does your system’s Avast antivirus programme block any URLs? “Infected with URL: Blacklist” or “URL: Blacklist” will be shown next to the prohibited URLs. Because Avast has a great web protection system that shields you from all questionable online activity that could harm your computer or personal information, this is a problem that many Avast customers encounter frequently. The information provided below will help you understand why the URLs are prohibited on Avast and how to unblock them.

Avast is a reputable business in the antivirus software industry. They have upgraded their antivirus programmes over time and today hold the top spot among the best Windows antivirus programmes. despite the fact that iOS and Android are just two of the platforms where the software is available. Avast enables you to keep harmful software and viruses off of your computer. It also helps protect your online activities and data through its Web Shield feature.

what is Infected with URL: blacklist

You are shielded from threats to your online security by the Web Shield, an Avast feature. Phishing assaults, DDoS attacks, email spam, spyware, malware, and viruses in downloadable files are a few examples of these dangers. Before allowing or blocking a website or file, Avast checks to see how safe it is.

When you visit a particular website, if the URL: Blacklist Popup appears on your screen, it means that Avast Web Shield has prevented that URL from opening on your computer.

Why Avast Blocked an URL on my Computer?

Antivirus programmes are made to shield you from all types of danger. It is committed to defending you against any attack that could damage your computer or steal vital data. One antivirus programme that provides a quick and effective web spam detection method is Avast. The Avast component known as Web Shield is in charge of banning websites on your computer. The Web Shield Program may prohibit a website for the reasons listed below.

  • Phishing plot
  • False horses
  • Scam using credit cards/fake lottery.
  • Scam emails
  • Downloading unwanted apps.
  • counterfeit browser add-ons.
  • online trackers.

If such flaws are discovered, the Avast Web shield component will ban the website and show you a security alert that reads, “Infected with URL: Blacklist.” On the other hand, you can unblock a website if you believe it to be safe, yet Avast is reporting a false positive. When it comes to business-to-business security, this subject is particularly pressing.

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How can I unblock an Avast blacklisted domain?

Instead of turning off the web shield and leaving your device vulnerable to numerous online attacks, you can easily unblock a single website and remove it from the Blacklist.If you add a website to Avast’s “Exceptions” list, you won’t get any alerts or be put on a blacklist.

Open the Avast interface and select Menu >> Preferences to unblock a blacklisted domain. To add the exact URL or domain that you wish to unblock, go to this page, click on the Core Shield tab, and then click on the “Add Exceptions” button under “Web Shield.”

To help you understand, we’re producing a thorough How to Unblock a Blacklisted URL in Avast guide.

Step 1

Click the menu option in the top-right corner of the Avast Security interface after it is open on your computer. Choose “Preferences” from the menu after scrolling through the selections.

Step 2

The “Core Shields” tab should be selected. When you reach the “Web Shield” option, scroll down. Click the “Add Exceptions” button under Web Shield.

 Step 3

In the Server URL box, type the URL you want to remove from the blacklist. Click the Add button after selecting both of the checkboxes next to “Web Server Services.”

Step 4

Open any web browser, such as Google Chrome, and quit the programme. Check the website you just unblocked to see if it is accessible by visiting it.


We trust you now fully understand what Avast’s message Infected with URL: Blacklist actually means and why it blocks the URL. It is generally advised to avoid visiting websites that Google Chrome or your antivirus programme have blacklisted. By doing so, you will protect yourself from the majority of online cyberattacks and keep spyware and garbage files off of your computer.

If you find this information beneficial, kindly let us know. Please leave a comment below if you have any queries about the Avast Web Shield component.


How do I get rid of the Avast blacklisted URL?

How can I make sure that my antivirus program, Avast, doesn’t block your website or online forms?

  • Go to the Avast dashboard in Step 1 by launching Avast on your computer.
  •  Select the Settings tab by clicking the menu.
  •  A new window will open after you click ADD EXCEPTION under this tab.
  •  To save the URL, click “ADD EXCEPTION.”

Is URL blacklist a virus?

A blacklist is a list of websites that search engines have identified as insecure and that can damage your system, not a virus. Does the URL blacklist contain viruses? No, it is not a virus; rather, it is a list of unsafe websites that search engines have flagged.

What does it mean when a URL is blacklist?

copied! A URL blacklist is a collection of questionable URLs, IP addresses, or domain names that are blocked by search engines. Search engines like Google and Bing, as well as antivirus service providers like McAfee SiteAdvisor and Norton Safe Web, can serve as these authorities.

Is a blacklist of URLs harmful?

Avast! Blacklist Image Result: Malicious URL Blocked!

Search engines, antivirus software companies, and other governmental bodies, such as Google, Bing, Norton Safe Web, and McAfee SiteAdvisor, have all adopted blacklisting as a standard security practise. Even though blacklisting is meant to protect users online, it can hurt your site’s traffic, earnings, and reputation.

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