What is typically included in a home inspection?

The inspector evaluates and reports the condition of the structure, roof, foundation, drainage, plumbing, heating system, central air-conditioning system, visible insulation, walls, windows, and doors. Only those items that are visible and accessible by normal means are included in the report.

What type of inspection physical or visual must a licensee make?

The California law requires that all real estate licensees who deal with residential property containing one-to-four dwelling units must conduct a “reasonably competent and diligent visual inspection” and to disclose to a prospective purchaser any facts that affect “the value or desirability of the property that such …

What are home inspectors not allowed to do?

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Move large items (furniture, cars) or hazards (snow, ice) in order to access the house. Inspectors also cannot be required to move large items, like cars, furniture, or even snow and ice, to inspect parts of the home. So before the inspection, work with the seller to clear any items that might be in the inspector’s way …

Can a general contractor do a home inspection in California?

It is noted that a home inspector does not have to be a licensed architect, professional engineer, or general contractor with a Class “B” license issued by the California Contractors State License Board, but “it is the duty of a home inspector who is not licensed as a general contractor, structural pest control …

When Should property inspections be ordered quizlet?

Inspections required by the buyer are usually ordered and paid for by the buyer. Unless the buyer has an inspector in mind, she will probably ask you to recommend one. Whenever possible, you should provide at least three names to choose from. You may also want to give the buyer some tips on choosing an inspector.

What does a whole house inspection cover quizlet?

Whole house inspectors can do a 4-point inspection which includes: Heating and air systems, electrical wiring and panels, plumbing and plumbing fixtures, and roof.

Should I be nervous about home inspection?

As a seller, it’s common to get nervous during the home inspection process. You don’t want the deal to fall through, nor do you want to be stuck with the cost and burden of repairs if your buyer requests them as a contingency.

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How much is a home inspection in California?

On the low end, a small home may cost only $225 for an inspection. On the high end, you may pay as much as $450 or more to have a very large home inspected.

What is the difference between an inspector and a contractor?

Home Inspectors vs. Reputable home contractors are licensed to perform work and repairs on a home’s structure and possibly certain of its critical components. However, experienced home inspectors have more of a background in determining potential flaws in the house and have less of a conflict of interest.

Is seller entitled to home inspection report California?

Court decisions in California for decades make it very clear that sellers (and their real estate agent) have the duty to disclose prior inspection reports on a listed parcel that are in the possession, custody or control of the seller regardless of who initially paid for the report.

Why is it important to have inspections on a home to be purchased quizlet?

Inspections are an important way that buyers protect themselves on the purchase of a property. If there are problems with the home found through inspections, the seller and buyer may negotiate repairs or the buyer may be able to cancel the deal.

Does California require termite inspection?

Termite inspections are not required in California during the sale of real property. While there is not state mandate that a home inspection is required it is advisable to obtain a termite inspection before the close of escrow due to the amount of damage that termites can cause to the infrastructure of the property.

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What are included steps in agency disclosure group of answer choices?

Disclosure, Election, and Confirmation. Step 1: The real estate agent discloses or presents the choice of being the agent for only the seller, for only the buyer, or for both. Step 2: The seller and/or buyer make their choices known. Step 3: The agent, seller, and buyer sign the required form.

Which one of the following actions is a licensee required to take to fulfill a fiduciary duty?

Which one of the following actions is a licensee required to take as a fiduciary duties? The fiduciary duty of disclosure requires that licensees disclose any conflict of interest.

At what point must a listing agent disclose material facts to all parties involved in the transaction quizlet?

– The selling agent must provide the disclosure to the buyer “as soon as practicable” prior to the execution of the buyer’s offer to purchase. a written disclosure statement that describes the condition of the property.

How do I prepare for an inspection checklist?

Create a list of potential defects and divide them into different categories: major, minor, and critical problems. Get a basic checklist to each meeting. You can pick up one you have used before or a template from a library of inspection checklists.