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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is the Iupac name for Al ClO3 3?

What is the Iupac name for Al ClO3 3?

Answer and Explanation: The name of the compound Al(ClO)3 A l ( C l O ) 3 is aluminium hypochlorite.

What is the oxidation of ClO3?

In the chlorate ion (ClO3-), the oxidation number of Cl +5, and the oxidation number of O is -2. In a neutral atom or molecule, the sum of the oxidation numbers must be 0. In a polyatomic ion, the sum of the oxidation numbers of all the atoms in the ion must equal the charge on the ion.

How do you find the oxidation number of ClO3?

The oxidation number is also known as the oxidation state. As we know the oxidation number of oxygen is -2 in most of its compounds except in peroxide like hydrogen peroxide. Hence the oxidation number $ClO_3^ – $ is 5. Hence the correct answer is option A .

What is aluminum chlorate used for?

aluminium chlorate Chemical Properties,Usage,Production Uses Disinfectant, color control of acrylic resins. Hazard Powerful oxidizing material: keep out of contact with combustibles.

Is aluminum chlorate an acid?

Reactions. Anhydrous aluminium chloride is a powerful Lewis acid, capable of forming Lewis acid-base adducts with even weak Lewis bases such as benzophenone and mesitylene.

What is the charge of ag2so4?

In silver(I) sulfate, the silver ion has a +1 charge, and there are two ions of silver for every one sulfate ion. Its chemical formula is Ag2 SO4. Silver(I) sulfate is white. Silver(II) sulfate has silver ions with a +2 charge, which is why only one silver ion is required to balance the -2 charge of the sulfate ion.

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What is ClO chemistry?

ChEBI. Hypochlorite is an ion composed of chlorine and oxygen with the chemical formula ClO−. Being unstable in the pure form, hypochlorite is most commonly used for bleaching, disinfectation, and water treatment purposes in its salt form, sodium hypochlorite.

What is the charge of ClO3?

There are one chlorine atom and three oxygen atoms in the chlorate ion. Also there is a -1 charge on the ClO3- ion.

Is Al 3ag a redox reaction?

Write the balanced chemical equation between aluminum and aqueous solution of silver as follow. From this reaction, it is clear that Aluminum undergoes oxidation and silver undergoes reduction. Due to this, this reaction is redox reaction.

What is the chemical formula of Chlorate?

The chlorate anion has the formula ClO3−. In this case, the chlorine atom is in the +5 oxidation state. “Chlorate” can also refer to chemical compounds containing this anion; chlorates are the salts of chloric acid.


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