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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is code 31 on a Thermo King?

What is code 31 on a Thermo King?


What is code 63 on Thermo King?

What is Code 63 on a Thermo King? Code 63 has a red status, which needs immediate action. It indicates that the engine or vapor motor stopped working. It’s sometimes called vapor lock too.

What is code 17 on a Thermo King?

Code 17 means Engine Failed to Crank when start is requested by the Microprocessor. Check Starter (unfortunately lately new thermoking starters often fail for some reason). Fuel pull in Solenoid failed or its circuit.

What is code 10 on Thermo King?

Thermo King Alarm Code 10: High Discharge Pressure. This shutdown alarm code can be difficult to troubleshoot. Here are a few common tips to make the process a little easier: Check for broken fan belts.

What is code 35 on a Thermo King unit?

Subject: Alarm Code 35 (Run Relay Circuit) on Microprocessor Units with Thermo. King Alternators. It is possible that the following units will fail the Full Pretrip Test and record Alarm Code 35 (Run Relay Circuit)

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What does DF mean on a reefer trailer?

On continuous setting, the refrigerated trailer unit does have a set defrost cycle (definition: Defrost cycle – the process of removing ice or frost buildup from a coil). The intervals are factory set for every 6 hours, but the unit will auto defrost based on a temperature difference across the coil.

What kind of oil does a Thermo King reefer use?

This SB series Thermo King reefer, for example, worked on here by Technicians at the CSTK dealership in Vineland, N.J., needs service only every 3,000 hours. Newer reefers typically use combination full-flow and bypass oil filters and CJ-4 oil, allowing the longer interval.

What is ETV circuit?

The Electronic Throttling Valve (ETV) for trailer units from Thermo King uses a microprocessor to precisely control the refrigeration system. As the temperature approaches setpoint, the ETV begins to close, throttling the suction gas returning to the compressor and thus reducing cooling/heating capacity.

How do you reset the clock on a Thermo King?

Re: Thermo King Alarm Code Hold the TK logo key in until pretrip comes up on the display, press the select key until the year comes up, change the year with the up/down keys, press enter when correct, select to the next screen and repeat for date and time. Code 50 will self clear after the time is set.

How do you fix high discharge pressure?

One of the causes that have been established in relation to high compressor discharge pressure is the presence of air in the system. When this takes place, your best solution is to recharge the system. Another is a clogged condenser in which case you will need to clean the condenser so that it will function properly.

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What is defrost on reefer?

On continuous setting, the reefer has a set defrost cycle (definition: Defrost cycle – the process of removing ice or frost buildup from a coil). The intervals are factory set for every 6 hours, but the unit will auto defrost based on a temperature difference across the coil.

Why does a reefer unit defrost?

The reefer unit would have a “Set Point” that is manually set by the driver, and have it run at the specified temperature as instructed on the Bill of Lading (BOL) to prevent product damage. The continuous setting will have a defrost cycle to remove ice or frost buildup from the coil.

How long does it take for a reefer trailer to cool down?

Always Pre-cool the Reefer Trailer It can take two hours to cool an empty trailer with the doors closed. Make sure the trailer has reached the appropriate temperature by the time you get to your loading appointment.

What is tractor fuel vs reefer fuel?

Reefer fuel Vs tractor fuel – same or different? Refer fuel is the off-road fuel while tractor fuel is the number two diesel. You can only use reefer fuel on a pickup if it’s used for off-road purposes.

What does Alt aux mean?

Alternator Auxiliary Alarm The alternator auxiliary alarm is displayed with the description ALT AUX or AL7. This alarm is generated if the alternator auxiliary signal is not present with the engine running.

How many quarts of oil does a Thermo King reefer take?

The reefer unit’s engine holds 15 quarts of oil and uses a large filter. This allows oil changes at 2,000 hours, unless you use Mobil Delvac 1 5W-40 oil, in which case 3,000-hour maintenance intervals are the standard.

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What is cj4 oil?

CJ-4 Service Category Description. API Service Category CJ-4 describes oils for use in high-speed four-stroke cycle diesel engines designed to meet 2007 model year on-highway exhaust emission standards as well as for previous model years.

How often should you change oil on Thermo King?

TriPac Evolution- 2,000 Hour Interval – Oil change interval is every 2,000 hours of operation only when using a Thermo King brand oil filter and CJ-4 or better oil. What type of oil do the units use?

What is a TriPac evolution?

TriPac Evolution Product Features The TriPac Evolution brings the comforts of home to wherever home is for the night. An APU system for trucks can offer virtually unlimited cooling and heating and the power to run the appliances and devices drivers require.

What can cause excessively high discharge pressures on an air conditioning system?

One common cause of high discharge pressure is the cooling medium (air or water) flowing across the condenser: either there is not enough or the temperature of the cooling medium is too high. This is normally easy to identify with a simple visual inspection of the condenser.

Will low refrigerant cause high pressure?

The excess refrigerant will accumulate in the condenser, causing high subcooling and high head pressures. If a TXV receiver system is restricted in the liquid line, most of the refrigerant will accumulate in the receiver, with a bit in the condenser.

What causes high discharge temps?

What causes high discharge temperature? High discharge temperature is the result of temperatures in the compressor head and cylinders becoming so hot that the oil loses its ability to lubricate properly. This causes rings, pistons and cylinders to wear resulting in blow by, leaking valves, and metal debris in the oil.


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