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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat happened to Luis Miguel's dad?

What happened to Luis Miguel’s dad?

Mario Vicente Gallego, brother of Luisito Rey himself, announced that Luis Miguel’s father died of an overdose, as he had problems with drugs, which he could not stop.

Who is Erika in Luis Miguel series?

The Mexican actress, now known as Issabela Camil, was the Mexican star’s companion for seven years. Their love story is reflected in the first and second seasons of “Luis Miguel, the series”.

Where is Sergio Basteri now?

Where are Luis Miguel’s brothers today? After Sergio got into an argument with Luis about moving to England, he did not continue his education in Boston since Luis cut him off financially. He returned to Guadalajara with Octavio, where he still lives.

Was Luis Miguel’s mom ever found?

In 1986, Luis Miguel’s mother disappeared mysteriously and her whereabouts are still unknown. In the late 1980s, Luis Miguel fired his father due to financial problems caused by poor representation.

Did Michelle Salas have a relationship with Mauricio?

Between 2007 and 2008, Alejandro Asensi (then 39) and Michelle Salas, 19, are said to have been in a relationship. At that moment, a series of messages came to light that she sent him, among which we read: “I love you my precious cocho” or “I understand that you worry about my father, but it does not worry me”.

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Is Luis Miguel’s brother Sergio a singer?

“He has the same timbre of voice as his brother Luis Miguel”: the video of Sergio Basteri singing religious music. A video of Luis Miguel’s younger brother singing religious music has gone viral on social networks.

Did Luis Miguel’s brother Sergio become a singer?

What is seen in the series. In the seventh episode, Luis Miguel is shown to ‘transform’ into Luisito Rey during a rehearsal with his younger brother Sergio. The goal of the Mexican singer was that during practice in the recording studio, Sergio resists becoming a singer.

What happened to Luis Miguel brother Sergio?

According to Maricarmen Galleg or, the mother of Yolanda Mingo, the last partner of Luis Miguel’s father, Sergio currently lives in Madrid, Spain, where he has led a low-profile life, raised a family and works in a department store. “He worked at ‘El Corte Inglés’.

Who is Luis Miguel’s dad?

Luis Gallego Sánchez (28 June 1945 – 9 December 1992), known professionally as Luisito Rey, was a Spanish singer-songwriter and music executive, best known as the father and first manager of Mexican singer Luis Miguel.

Did Luis Miguel’s daughter date his best friend?

Although they never exclusively dated, they were bound together forever through their baby girl. The “La Bikina” singer lost contact with his daughter for years, and when she was just a teenager, Michelle called her father out in an interview and demanded answers as to why he turned his back on her for so long.

What is Miguel ethnicity?

Early life. Miguel Jontel Pimentel was born on October 23, 1985, raised in San Pedro, California. He is one of two sons of an African American mother and a Mexican American father. Miguel’s parents divorced when he was eight years old.

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Why is Miguel Mexican?

Luis Miguel was marketed as a Mexican child star, and identified himself as a Mexican native of Veracruz because his father pushed him to say he was Mexican.

Where is Luis Miguel’s youngest brother?

Residing in Guadalajara, the youngest Gallego Basteri lives far away from the luxurious digs of his superstar brother, and is reportedly saddened by his estrangement from his brother.

Does Luis Miguel own a vineyard?

Maipo Valley, Chile Located in the sub-region of Maipo, the winery was established as recently as 1998.

Does Miguel have a child?

Miguel, whose full name is Miguel Jontel Pimentel, does not have any kids. The singer-songwriter was in a relationship with Nazanin since the two were merely 18 years old. Unlike many couples in the entertainment industry, the duo did not immediately tie the knot.

How did Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey meet?

The singers met in 1998 in Aspen, Colorado when they were reportedly set up on a blind date while she was in the process of divorcing her ex-husband Tommy Mottola. They then went on to date from 1998 to 2001.

Is Miguel singer Mexican?

The singer’s full name is Miguel Jontel Pimentel and he holds not only an African-American heritage but also a Mexican heritage on his father’s side of the family.


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