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TechnologyWhat Does Pre Transit Mean for Your USPS Package? Is Your Package...

What Does Pre Transit Mean for Your USPS Package? Is Your Package Stuck There?

Today, we are going to discuss what does pre transit & is your package Stuck There

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It can be terrible to wait for a package.

I recently ordered a jacket from a Poshmark seller, and it took a week for it to arrive.

On nearly every other platform, including Etsy, eBay, Mercari, and others, I’ve had similar encounters. The issue is that whenever there is a deadline (like a birthday) and you need the item delivered right away, this always seems to occur!

I’ll admit that I wasn’t particularly happy with my most recent Etsy order. The tracking was stuck on “pre-transit” for almost 4 days despite my daily checks in the hopes that it would update.

which raised some queries for me. Let’s start by defining pre-transit. Does “shipped” mean “pre-transit”? How long will my item be stuck there?

I have the answers, so let me share them with you. Let’s get you some answers if you have an order (from any platform) with tracking that says “pre-transit.”

Pre-Transit status indicates that the sender has printed a label for the package, which generates a tracking number, but has not yet delivered it to the carrier for scanning. The average time that an item spends in pre-transit is less than 24 hours, but because the item hasn’t yet been shipped, it may remain there for up to a week before being scanned in.

What Exactly Is Pre-Transit?

First, we need to fully understand how shipping works on a platform like Etsy.

When someone lists an item on Etsy, they have two options for shipping: either the platform will generate a label for them automatically, or they can use the platform themselves. The shipping companies’ volume discounts are an incentive to ship it through the platform.

The tracking number is generated as soon as the seller prints off a label and it appears in the system. Pre-transit for some carriers indicates its presence. This does not indicate that the package has been delivered or that it has begun to move.

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Many sellers will quickly print off a label (thereby generating a tracking number). The buyer will believe they are receiving excellent customer service as a result of the improvement in their “Shipping Time” in the selling statistics.

They are given a day or two after the label is printed to package the item and deliver it to the location where it will be scanned and begin moving. If done quickly, nobody will know and it’s completely harmless.

Some vendors, though, will print a label but delay dropping off the package for a week or more. A package could theoretically remain in Pre-Transit indefinitely before being dropped off and scanned in.

Because the carrier is merely bookmarking the tracking number in their system, it must say Pre-Transit. They only know that it exists because they have received no other information.

What if I am aware that the product has been shipped?

Sometimes, after delivering the package to the USPS, you receive this message once more, which confounds you. Well, chances are good that the package is lost somewhere if such a situation arises.

But do not worry. Rarely does this take place. It may indicate that the USPS employee has not yet completed the scanning portion. Therefore, despite the fact that it is in their hands, it is still listed as “pre-transit.”

The only option, then, is to remain composed and not become alarmed. The message will automatically update as soon as the package is scanned.

What distinguishes pre-transit from in-transit?


It means that the courier service has been told about the package, but it hasn’t been scanned or picked up yet.


When a process is in transit, it means it has already begun and is on its way to its final destination. Once the “in-transit” update shows up, you will get regular updates on where the package is until it gets to its final destination.

A package receives the label “In-transit” once the USPS starts the delivery process. Usually, packages in domestic shipments become stuck at the USPS sorting depot. On the other hand, USPS may get stuck with international shipments at customs.

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Pre-Transit or Parcel Stuck for Reasons?

The package may become stuck in transit for a number of reasons, including:

  • loss
  • damage
  • failure of the USPS tracking system.
  • The post office, which is understaffed, misplaced a package.
  • erroneous packaging
  • Overhooked shipment

As you try to determine why your USPS shipment is in transit, keep the following information in mind:

  • Tracking status updates typically take 24 to 48 hours.
  • Observe your anticipated delivery date. You can wait a day if your package was shipped overnight but arrived the next day. However, if it has been longer than three days, something is off, and you should investigate.
  • The time it takes to update tracking information can depend on how far apart two distribution centres are in some cases. This typically occurs when using slower USPS delivery services.
  • Then, if your package was sent via Priority Mail or First Class, you could expect to get the whole update in one day.

How to Proceed If Your USPS Package Is Stuck in Transit

What should you do if the USPS package becomes stuck in transit then? Well, there are numerous ways to resolve this issue. Observe the advice provided below:

1. Contact the recipient right away.

You must first notify the recipient of the delay if the package is stuck in “pre-transit” and is not moving forward. Making a customer aware of the situation will lessen the “after impact” of the issue if you are a seller and the customer is anxiously awaiting the product.

Additionally, here, don’t forget to ask for a replacement or a refund right away. You will find a solution more quickly the faster you act.

2. Contact a Post Office Near You

You can present your tracking data to the nearby POTS office’s local staff. Alternatively, you can call their toll-free number to learn all the pertinent information about the shipment. Only they can assist you by providing the precise information regarding the shipment.

3. Conduct an online search.

In order to find out the current status of the package you mailed out, you can also go to the online UPS.com portal and submit a query.

With its dead letter department, which is designed specifically for lost and damaged packages, USPS can check your package here. In this case, the USPS will launch an investigation into the whereabouts of your package and email you the results.

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4. Continue

If your package gets lost, don’t give up; USPS will do everything in its power to find it. In addition, if they received it, they would reschedule the delivery without charging a fee. So, the best way to find out what’s going on with your package is to ask about it online. You should hear back within a day if anything changes because of your online question.

How much time does an item spend in transit?

For a while, nearly all of the items you purchase on Etsy will have tracking that says “Pre-Transit.” It will be the (hopefully short) time between when the label is printed and when the carrier scans the package in.

This could take less than an hour or could go on for a week or longer if the seller is careless with the packaging and delivery of your order.

What Should I Do If Tracking Is Stopped in Pre-Transit?

If an item is in pre-transit, you must get in touch with the seller to find out when they will actually deliver your order to USPS, FedEx, or the carrier of your choice that you chose when placing your order.

If you contact the carrier, they won’t be able to provide you with any additional information because they don’t actually have the package and are unable to tell you when the seller will actually deliver the package.

What Follows Pre-Transit Is?

You will most likely see some variation of “Package Accepted” and a location once an item has been scanned in at its drop-off location.

At this point or soon after, the carrier should be able to give you an estimate of when it will arrive because they can compare it to other routes in their system.


It is usually only an inconvenience to have tracking for a package that says “Pre-Transit” for longer than a day. Between the time the label is shipped and the time the carrier scans it in, every package will be in pre-transit.

However, if it remains there for more than 48 hours, you should get in touch with the seller and ask why.

I wish you luck and speedy delivery of your packages!

Stay tuned for more updates, postvines

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