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What Does No Location Found Mean [Update Version 2022]



What Does No Location Found Mean [Update Version 2022]

Today, we are going to discuss What Does No Location Found Mean [Updated 2022]

No Location Found can appear while checking someone’s location for numerous reasons. This message’s details are below.

What Does No Location Found Mean?

Location helps pinpoint your location. It lets you connect with nearby folks. iPhone users sometimes get “no location found” errors. Slow networks can cause it. Rebooting may help.

Update your devices’ software. Software flaws could cause it. Try restarting the app by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, closing the message tab, then reopening it.

Difference Between No Location Found and Location Not Available

When someone’s location is being located via GPS, Find My Friends or iMessage will claim their location isn’t available, but it’s looking for it.

No location found implies that their GPS hasn’t found their position. It’s true. No location available means it’s not available right now, but it might be soon if they find a signal.

No location found means that their location hasn’t been found in such a long time that it’s now considered to be not found.

When a phone has no signal or wi-fi, the map will show “no location found.” Location not available means that the device can’t be found, but that the GPS is trying to find it.

Does No Location Found Mean They Stopped Sharing?

No location found doesn’t mean your connections stopped sharing. iMessage and Find My need a working GPS, location service, and the phone’s internal functionality. If any of these components aren’t working, the app can’t track friends or relatives.

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The “No location found” message shows up when your GPS or your friend’s GPS is broken, not when they stop sending you their location.

iMessage will say “You Stopped Sharing Location” if someone stops sharing their location.

You can quickly check out whether someone has turned off their location.

Why Does It Say No Location Found?

 Determine the date and time.

Your friend’s device’s time and date must be configured automatically for location sharing. They can’t tell you where they are if their phone settings are wrong. Users can set the date and time to change automatically, saving them time.

Their iPhone isn’t online

Your contact must be online to use iMessage or “Find my.””No location discovered” means your contact isn’t online. iMessage uses servers, so to send data, you must be connected.

Your iPhone isn’t online.

You need the internet to see someone’s location. Connect to the iMessage server to access someone’s shared location. No connection means “no location discovered.”

They stopped sharing their location while you checked

Loved ones can stop disclosing their location at any time. If they’ve stopped sharing their location, you’ll notice “no location found.”

 My Friends Aren’t Signed In

Since “Find My” became an app, friends and relatives must log onto it to send their whereabouts. If they’re not enrolled in the Find My app, you can’t view their whereabouts.

They Have No Signal

Location information needs a phone signal. If your loved ones are in a no-signal region, they can’t share their location even if it’s enabled.

Their Phone Is Off

Seeing “no location discovered” if someone gives their location and then switches off their phone. To use iMessage or Find My App, someone’s phone must be on.

They Ran Out Of Battery

Sharing a location requires a turned-on phone. If their phone dies, you’ll read “no location found.” The person won’t be connected to iMessage servers, so Find My App can’t locate them.

 They’re in Airplane Mode

In Airplane mode, mobile devices can’t send or receive calls or texts. Airplane mode, or offline mode, disconnects a device from the internet. When someone puts their phone in aeroplane mode, it’s like turning it off; their location isn’t tracked.

They’ve Logged Out of iCloud

In the latest version of iOS, “Share My Location” is only available if you’ve logged in with your Apple ID.

If someone isn’t logged into iCloud, you can’t find them. You can fix this problem if they sign into iCloud and share their location with you.

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Find My Friends or iMessage Crashes

“Find My Friends” locates friends. If they’re signed in and you’re online, you can see their location.

Find My Friends and iMessage can glitch, hiding someone’s location. A glitch can be repaired quickly, so don’t worry.

How to Fix No Location Found Find My Friends

 Repair your internet connection

In this circumstance, turn on your iPhone’s wifi. The Control Center is the easiest way to turn on wifi. Once you’re online, check your modem.

To reset your internet, toggle to aeroplane mode. The person’s location should then be shown.

 Examine their iPhone display

If you get the “no location discovered” error when checking someone’s location, wait till they switch on their phone. Once their phone is on and connected to servers, you can view their location.

Wait for the signal

No signal could prevent you from locating someone. Elevators, basements, and areas with few cell towers have poor signal.

To see their location without seeing “no location found,” wait till they have a signal.

 If they’ve left Find My Friends, tell them

Find My Friends is a free iPhone app. It uses the location-sharing features of your phone to show where you and your friends are on a map.

It works best with a wi-fi connection and the GPS on your phone turned on, although a mobile signal can also be used. “Find my buddies” requires login. Ask your friend to sign in so you can see their location.

To sign in:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap your name, then “Find My.”
  • Enable “Share My Location.”
  • Toggle “Find My” on and off.

 Tell them to sign in if they’ve left iCloud.

To fix “No Location Found,” have your friend sign back into iCloud. Without iCloud, you can’t view their whereabouts.

To sign in:

  • iPhone Settings
  • Tap “Apple ID”
  • A valid Apple ID and password are required.
  • “Signing in to iCloud…” appears on a blank screen. Wait. It takes several minutes.
  • When prompted, enter your iPhone’s passcode.
  • After signing in, your name will show up in Settings. Tap it.
  • After finishing, you’ll see “Apple ID.” drop-down menu: iCloud.

 Tell them to turn on location services if it’s off

Your friends’ location services must be active to send their location. Without location services, they can’t send their GPS to another contact.

Location services:

  •  Open Settings and select Location Services to enable the iPhone’s location services.
  •  In Settings, click “Privacy.”
  •  You can find Location Services on the “Privacy” page.
  •  Select “Location Services” from the drop-down menu.

 Restart iPhone

Restarting a device fixes it. iPhone restarts are quick and uncomplicated. Simply switching off and on their gadgets will do.

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 Force restart the iPhone

Force-restarting an iPhone depends on the model. Older versions can get the Apple logo by pressing power and volume down. Newer iPhones can be restarted by pushing volume down and power for a few seconds.

iPhone update

Updating your phone when updates become available ensures peak performance.

Updates often include bug fixes or major security patches. Automatic iPhone updates save time.

To do this:

  • Open Settings.
  • Choose “General” from the menu.
  • From the menu, select “Software Update.”
  • From the drop-down menu, choose “Automatic Updates.”
  • Swiping to the right enables automatic device updates.

How to Make Find My Friends Say No Location Found

Find My Friends offers several ways to lock in your location.

 Go to a no-signal zone

“Signal” influences family location sharing. If you don’t want to reveal your location, move to a signal-free region. It could mean moving away from a cellular tower or going underground.

 iPhone in Airplane Mode

Turning on aeroplane mode temporarily hides your location. All mobile phones have this function.

In aeroplane mode, phone calls and text messages won’t be sent or received. Airplane mode disables the network connection, so no one can track your location.

Settings on your home screen’s menu bar activate Airplane Mode. Choose the menu bar’s aeroplane mode icon.

Sign Out of Find My Friends

Signing out of Find My Friends stops location sharing. Exit:

  • Open Settings.
  • Click “Sign Out.”
  • user’s Apple ID password.
  • Choose to keep iCloud backups.
  • Close “Find my”

Location Stop Services

Turn off location services to stop sharing your location. iMessage and “Find my” can’t share your location when you switch off location services.

To disable location services on your device, go to settings and click privacy.

Turn off your phone

One way can completely mask your location. Swipe right to turn off your iPhone’s location sharing. Your location won’t be shared once you turn off your phone.

Sign Out of iCloud

Stop iCloud by signing out. Find my location and iMessage.

To sign out of iCloud:

  • iPhone Settings The silver iPhone symbol cannot be removed or modified.
  • Tap “Apple ID”
  • A valid Apple ID and password are required.
  • “Signing in to iCloud…” appears on a blank screen. Wait. Several minutes may pass.
  • When prompted, enter your iPhone’s passcode.
  • After signing in, your name will show up in Settings. Tap it.
  • After finishing, you’ll see “Apple ID.” Sign out using iCloud’s drop-down menu.

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