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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat are the different sauces at Zaxby's?

What are the different sauces at Zaxby’s?

Zaxby’s offers thirteen different sauces. These are Zax sauce, Spicy Zax sauce, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Marinara, Wimpy, Tongue Torch, Nuclear, Insane, Hot Honey Mustard, Sweet and Spicy, Teriyaki and BBQ. And then there are the servings of extra dressings on the condiment side of the menu too.

What is wimpy at Zaxby’s?

Wimpy: A mouthwatering, mildly hot sauce that just happens to have a set of training wheels. Nuclear: A mouth-detonating mix of atom-splitting heat and serious flavor fallout. Teriyaki: A sweet sauce bursting with the tongue tantalizing flavors of soy, garlic and ginger.

Can I buy Zaxby’s sauce?

The taste of this sauce has been described as a cross between honey mustard and ketchup that has a creamy texture. Can you buy Zax sauce? If you’re at a Zaxby’s location, you can purchase an 8 or 16 ounce container of premade sauce.

Who is the guy on a buffalo wing?

“Guy on a Buffalo Wing” pays homage to the viral “Guy on a Buffalo” video series by band Jomo and the Possum Posse. Adopting the same rambling narrative style, the song follows a man riding a literal buffalo wing in nature when he stumbles upon a plate of Zaxby’s new Buffalo Garlic Blaze boneless wing meal.

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What is Zaxby’s original sauce?

Zaxby’s original, an orangey-red concoction reminiscent (in color only) of a good tomato bisque from your favorite country French place, sits on the edge of the tongue. Original serves as Zaxby’s version of Buffalo sauce; taste the tingle of Tabasco, although the heat isn’t extreme.

Which Zaxby’s sauce is like buffalo?

“Our new, bold Buffalo Garlic Blaze flavor profile was inspired by a culinary concept to incorporate aspects of spicy garlic and creamy style buffalo sauce, combining authentic ingredients such as peppers, vinegar and salt from hot sauce with fresh garlic and buttery notes to round out the flavor,” says Zaxby’s CMO …

What is Zaxby’s wimpy sauce made of?

Add 1⁄2 cup (120 ml) of hot sauce, 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of distilled white vinegar, 2 teaspoons (9.9 ml) of Worcestershire sauce, and 1 pinch of granulated garlic. Stir the sauce until it’s smooth and combined.

What is Zaxby’s spicy sauce?

Every war has secret weapons, and the new Spicy Zax sauce is Zaxby’s. It combines multiple elements for a balance of pepper and heat—ingredients include flavorful jalapeño and zesty red cayenne. The heat level of the new sauce is in line with Zaxby’s Tongue Torch. Spicy Zax means “sauce-rilla” warfare.

Does Zaxby’s sauce have to be refrigerated?

They do not have to be refrigerated before opening. However, I did serve them from an bowl set in ice because most people want their dressing served cold. They can be stored again at room temperature until needed next time. 1 of 1 found this helpful.

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Is Zaxbys sauce good?

Zax Sauce It’s tangy, creamy, and everything you’ve ever wanted out of a good dipping sauce. So yummy that you can dip virtually anything on the menu in it and it’ll still taste good.

Who does the Zaxby’s commercial?

To tout the new Boneless Wings at Zaxby’s, the chain has enlisted actor and comedian David Allen Grier and actor and musician Waylon Payne to appear in five TV commercials that began airing this week.

Where did the guy on a buffalo come from?

It started a few years ago when a Texas band released a series of parody music videos based on the 1976 film Buffalo Rider. Rick Guinn starred as a buffalo hunter adventuring through the west.

Who sings the new Zaxby’s commercial?

10, including one trailer teasing the delicious smell of Zaxby’s new Buffalo Garlic Blaze sauce. Zaxby’s released a full 2 minutes and 20 seconds film narrated to a folk song, composed by the band Jomo & The Possum Posse on guyonabuffalowing.com.

What is Mediterranean dressing at Zaxbys?

water, olive oil, soybean oil, sugar, distilled vinegar, slat, red wine vinegar, contains less than 2% of each of the following parmesan cheese (pasteurized part skim milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes), spices, garlic, lemon juice concentrate, onion, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate (preservative), calcium disodium …

Is Raising Cane’s and Zaxby’s the same?

Zaxby’s has a much larger menu than Cane’s. While Cane’s serves only chicken strips for entree choices, Zaxby’s serves chicken wings and salads, as well. Zaxby’s also has a better appetizer menu, which includes fried white cheddar cheese bites — which Daily staffers also tried and unanimously loved.

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Does Zaxby’s have buffalo sauce?

Zaxby’s, the premium quick-service restaurant known for its Chicken Fingerz™, wings and signature sauces, launched an ad campaign to introduce its new Buffalo Garlic Blaze signature sauce to complement the long-time favorite Boneless Wings Meal.

What Pepper is in Zaxby’s insane sauce?

Red Peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, water, tomato paste, mustard, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, garlic, spices, soybean oil, onion, sugar, paprika, xanthan gum, extractives of capsicum, potassium sorbate, and sodium benzoate, soybean oil, natural flavor.

Is Zaxby’s sauce gluten free?

My favorite find was that their famous Zax sauce is also gf. Good for a quick, cheap gluten free meal!

What is Zaxby’s new sandwich?

Zaxby’s version of the Signature Club Sandwich features the brand’s Signature Sandwich adding two slices of bacon and American Cheese with a choice of Zax sauce or Spicy Zax sauce. The sandwich is served as a meal with crinkle fries and a drink and will replace the Zaxby’s Club that is currently on the menu.

How many bags of fresh bone in wings are emptied into each wing draining kit?

Wash hands, fill each of the wing draining kits with one bag of fresh bone in wings up to the fill line marked on the drain hole insert.

What is the hottest hot wing sauce?

The Blazin’ sauce is Buffalo Wild Wings’ hottest sauce. It’s made of GHOST PEPPERS. It measures up to 350,000 units on the Scoville scale.

Is Mad Dog 357 the hottest sauce?

The Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce is one of the most powerful sauces in the world, and it will take your breath away. This killer sauce is packing 357,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHUs).

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