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TechnologyVirgin Orbit says ‘premature shutdown’ to blame for the failure of UK’s...

Virgin Orbit says ‘premature shutdown’ to blame for the failure of UK’s first space launch

When the “Start Me Up” mission failed, Virgin Orbit, the space company controlled by billionaire businessman Richard Branson, experienced a serious setback in its attempts to launch satellites from the United Kingdom. A formal inquiry is being conducted to determine what caused the launch accident.

Premature Shutdown

The company’s rocket, named LauncherOne, failed to launch from the Spaceport Cornwall facility at Cornwall’s Newquay Airport. Nine miniature satellites for the Start Me Up mission were aboard.

The rocket “prematurely shut down” 180 kilometres into orbit, according to the corporation, because of an “anomaly.” The aforementioned issue is still not totally resolved.
Dan Hart, CEO of Virgin Orbit, issued a statement saying, “I am certain that root cause and corrective steps will be established in an effective and timely manner.”

According to our strategy, we are still developing and testing our next vehicle, and we’ll make any necessary adjustments before launching it.
According to Express.co, the launch was regarded as a significant advancement for the United Kingdom’s space sector, which has expanded recently but has not yet solidified a prominent position in the space business. The mission’s failure, however, has soured the area and Virgin Orbit.

Early Investigations

Preliminary data show that the rocket’s first stage operated as anticipated, and the 70-foot-long rocket reached space altitudes, according to a press release from the business on January 12. The mission was abruptly terminated due to an abnormality in the rocket’s upper stage.

During the aborted launch, the LauncherOne rocket was carried beneath the wing of a customised Boeing 747 named Cosmic Girl.

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The Launcher One revved up its engines and rocketed out of the Earth’s atmosphere after the plane had flown hundreds of miles into the sky and dropped the rocket in midair. The rocket failed to enter orbit; instead, it plummeted back to Earth and caught fire as it entered the atmosphere.

Virgin Orbit’s carrier aircraft and crew safely landed at Spaceport Cornwall after the launch attempt failed. The business said that discussions on a potential future return to Spaceport America have started along with the probe.

Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, voiced hope for the UK’s future in the space industry despite the setback. People might not be aware of this, but the UK is the country outside of California that produces the most satellites, he said.

About Start Me Up

The project was developed in collaboration with the Royal Air Force, UK Space Agency, Virgin Orbit, and Cornwall Council.

Britain is also constructing a spaceport on the Shetland Islands, which are north of Scotland, in order to become a significant player in the creation and launch of satellites.

Virgin Orbit has been given approval by the CAA to launch on December 21, 2022. This was the final legal impediment to overcome.

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