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Twitter will now let users combine videos, GIFs and photos in a single tweet

One tweet can now contain text, images, videos, and GIFs thanks to a new feature that Twitter is introducing for both Android and iOS. Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer, discovered the functionality for the first time in April.

Tweeting your ideas has gotten a little bit simpler. Everyone will be able to share multiple forms of media in a single tweet thanks to the capability.

In a single tweet, users can now send up to four images, videos, or GIFs. As before, users just need to write a tweet, click on the media icon, and add the content they want to use this feature.

Combining GIFs and videos with images on Twitter

Since July, Twitter has been gradually introducing this capability to a select set of users. Before, tweets could only contain a single GIF or video, several photographs, or both. With this modification, a single tweet can now contain both photos and videos or GIFs.

We’re constantly exploring innovative and fun methods to support the visibility and sharing of creators. Creators can express themselves more fully and communicate their stories in more creative ways by combining various visual mediums into a single Tweet.

Prior to making tweets with mixed media, there is not much you need to know. It only takes a few clicks to choose which images, movies, and GIFs to share with your followers. There are certain restrictions, though. For instance, according to Twitter, each tweet can only contain a maximum of four media attachments, and the new feature is only accessible through the official Twitter app for iOS and Android.

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The business says that the new immersive media viewer makes videos full screen with just one click, so users can quickly get a full, immersive viewing experience.

It stated that users of the Twitter app for iOS only needed to tap or click on a video to turn it on.


Can you post a photo and a video together on Twitter?

To add a new image or video to your Tweet, tap the camera icon. To attach an existing image, video, or GIF, tap the photo icon. Tap and hold a photo to reorganise it after you’ve picked two or more images before tweeting. Read up on how to tweet a video for advice.

Can you post multiple videos in one tweet?

Users are permitted to attach up to four photographs, but there was no method to combine videos, GIFs, or more than one into a single image. With this upgrade, users can still only upload four different types of media, but they are now free to mix and match their GIFs, movies, and photographs.

How do you add multiple GIFs to a Tweet?

Select two or more APNG files from the computer by clicking the picture icon. Up to four animated images or photos can be uploaded to Twitter. Step 3: To post the two GIFs to Twitter, click “Tweet”.

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