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Twitter allows limited tweet editing Updated Information In 2022



Twitter allows limited tweet editing Updated Information In 2022

The option to modify tweets has finally been added to the popular microblogging platform Twitter. As the name implies, users will soon have the option to alter their tweets. The function has already been tested with a small group of users on the platform.

According to Twitter, each “edited tweet” will include a label, timestamp, and icon. Tapping the label, according to the company, will take readers to the Tweet’s edit history, which contains previous iterations of the Tweet.

To “maintain the integrity of the conversation and create a publicly available record of what was said,” Twitter says it is striving to incorporate user feedback as it adjusts the functionality. As a result, the label will also list earlier iterations of the altered tweet.

The editing function won’t be accessible to everyone, though. Here is all the information you require.


  • First of all, once a tweet is published, users will only have 30 minutes to edit it.
  • Additionally, the site will only allow five edits per tweet, and you must make them within the allotted period.
  • Twitter Blue subscribers will be the first to see the functionality. We don’t know yet when this will also be available to people who don’t subscribe to Blue.

The fact that India cannot use the Twitter Blue membership function is unfortunate. Only a few nations, including the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, offer the feature. When this will be available in other markets, like India, is still unknown.

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The Edit Tweet Feature: How Does It Work?

Currently, it is not possible to alter a post that has already been tweeted. If there are any typos or revisions, the entire tweet must be deleted and re-posted. Users will be able to change the text of a tweet after it has been sent without having to delete it.

In the first 30 minutes after a tweet goes live, you can change it a few times.

The business advises, “Think of it as a brief period of time to do things like fix typos, update missed tags, and more.”


Why does Twitter have a tweet limit?

Why set boundaries? Limits relieve some of the pressure on Twitter’s back end and cut down on outages and error pages. For the sake of dependability, we’ve imposed some restrictions on the account operations below for the sake of dependability.

Will times let you edit tweet?

Last week, Twitter unveiled a highly awaited feature: the capacity to edit tweets. Once the tool is ready, users will be able to change their tweets for up to 30 minutes after posting, according to the business.

Will post edit tweets feature allow five changes in 30 mins?

Users will be able to edit a tweet within 30 minutes after posting it thanks to the feature. Edited tweets will carry a label noting their editing. A tweet can only be modified five times, but there is an additional restriction.

How to edit Twitter tweets?

As you might expect, it’s easy to change a tweet. To do so, just click “Update Tweet” from the drop-down menu that appears when you hover over it.

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