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TechnologyTwitter: After banning remote work, Elon Musk goes after free lunches

Twitter: After banning remote work, Elon Musk goes after free lunches

Elon Musk just made a significant decision by deciding to discontinue his free lunch promotion on Twitter. This choice was made for financial reasons and will help Twitter save roughly $13 million.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk is Finding Other Ways to Save Money Like the Removal of Free Lunch

Everyone considered layoffs when discussions of cost-cutting measures were brought up because they are frequent. Elon Musk has, nevertheless, made an effort to find further means of saving the business money.
Cancelling complimentary meals is one of these methods. According to a Business Insider report, Twitter CEO Elon Musk promised to utilise fresh cost-cutting techniques to help the company lower costs.

Twitter will Stop Serving Free Lunch at Its San Francisco Headquarters to Save the Company $13 Million

The complimentary lunch programme at Twitter’s San Francisco offices will end. Elon Musk’s intention to make Twitter staff pay for lunch at the cafeteria was revealed a few days ago. It was calculated that $400 had been spent on lunches throughout the previous month.

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The yearly food service expenditure at the San Francisco headquarters skyrocketed to almost $13 million as a result of each lunch costing the business $400. Elon Musk responded to accusations that he intended to “starve” his workers.

Critic Said Elon Musk Planned to Starve Employees but Musk Replied It was Bizarre Given No One Came to the Office

Musk responded to a tweet suggesting that staff members learn to cook and informing them that he intended to starve them. According to Musk, the projected cost of each lunch served over the last 12 months is $400, given that nobody showed up to work.

Former Twitter Employee Said the Daily Meals Cost About $20 to $25 Per Person

Giz China reported that he stressed how odd it was that hardly anybody showed up at the office. The decisions taken by Elon Musk at the Twitter headquarters infuriated one former employee.

According to Tracy Hawkins, a former employee of Twitter, daily lunches cost $20 to $25 per person. Hawkins and Musk disagreed on the topic of employee occupancy in the workplace.

Musk Said Twitter Peak Occupancy Rate was 25% but Former Employee Said It was Up to 50%

Hawkins disagreed, stating that the typical office occupancy rate was between 20% and 50%. Musk claimed that the peak occupancy rate for Twitter employees was 25%, with an average of just 10%. The conversation was chosen to be joined by additional Twitter workers.

The decision made by Elon Musk, according to several employees, is ruining the company’s work atmosphere. The workers challenged Twitter’s free lunch programme, stating that the meals were a privilege rather than a basic right.

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Musk Said He Plans to Cancel Remote Work and Will Require Employees at the Office for At Least 40 Hours a Week

In a letter to staff a few days ago, Elon Musk also announced that he would stop offering remote work. At least 40 hours per week of work must be done at the office.

The company is still unsure of Musk’s other cost-cutting strategies, but ending the free lunch programme will help it save a few million dollars.

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