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TechnologyTwitter admits it’s breaking third-party apps, cites ‘long-standing API rules’

Twitter admits it’s breaking third-party apps, cites ‘long-standing API rules’

The recent controversy surrounding Twitter’s decision to forbid third-party apps from using its platform has made some previously enjoyed experiences no longer available. The firm recently provided a justification for why it removed these apps from the platform, claiming that they violated the company’s API guidelines, the enforcement of which is the cause of some apps’ incompatibilities.

However, Twitter remained silent and did not respond when a well-known YouTuber directly questioned what specific guidelines these web services had broken.

Twitter Justifies Third-Party Apps Ban

Regarding the recent debate about Twitter’s prohibition on third-party apps, the Twitter Devs account tweeted a statement. It defended its actions by claiming that these apps violated its API policies, and it implied that the fact that these apps are still unavailable on Twitter merely indicates that they continue to break the policies that the business has long enforced.
The verified developers’ account did not state which guidelines these external apps that use Twitter’s platform broke.

More inquiries followed from its social media fans, along with one of the most well-known tech influencers on YouTube, Marques Brownlee, who questioned which rules had been broken.

The company’s Twitter developers and other accounts did not respond to the YouTuber.

Breaking an Unknown Rule

Naturally, this causes more debate on the platform because the well-known and widely-used third-party apps are unaware of the specific Twitter API regulation they infringed. Given that these apps are necessary for a small number of Twitter users, it is still an unsolved puzzle that Twitter users desire to know the answer to.

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Twitter Management

Even though many users rely on these capabilities for everyday use and to conduct business on the site, Twitter only last week made third-party applications inaccessible on the network. According to allegations, Twitter purposefully cut out social media services like Tweetbot and Echofon, as well as other platforms.

Elon Musk’s appointment as the firm’s new leader has also resulted in a number of concerns that the corporation is not adequately addressing, beginning with the company’s frequent changes. Additionally, there were a number of fresh layoffs at the Twitter office in New York City, where janitors protested against this unanticipated development.

Twitter’s administration is under fire because they haven’t provided enough answers to the public over the most recent round of layoffs and the blocking of third-party websites from using social media. Even if Twitter developers have issued a comment, some users do not find it satisfactory, particularly Brownlee, who explicitly posed the query but received no response from the business.

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