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TechnologyTSMC founder says US welcomes its Arizona plant plan

TSMC founder says US welcomes its Arizona plant plan

The founder of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), Morris Chang, said that US Vice President Kamala Harris had supported the company’s intention to establish a second facility in Arizona. She also informed Chang of the government’s strong resolve to support Taiwan.


As stated by the company’s founder, Morris Chang, during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in Bangkok, United States Vice President Kamala Harris welcomed and supported Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s plans to construct a second factory in Arizona. Chang added that Vice President Harris had reassured him of the US government’s commitment to aiding Taiwan. According to a Bloomberg article, Chang invited the US Secretary of Commerce to the ceremony for the $12 billion project next month through the Vice President.
Chang claims that the company decided to build a second manufacturing facility despite the fact that the cost of producing chips there will be at least 50% higher than in Taiwan.This facility is crucial for the company as well as for the United States. According to earlier rumours, this structure will be used for expansion in the future.
According to the business, “Based on operating efficiency and economic factors and in light of the significant customer demand we are witnessing for TSMC’s advanced technology, we will consider expanding more capacity in Arizona with a second fab.”

Other tech companies from around the world are encouraged to do so by the US. According to a Reuters story, the government has actively promoted local manufacturing, research, and development since the CHIPS Act was passed. The administration has also been extremely outspoken about this.

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Apple Sources US-Made Chips

Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook revealed the information on getting chips from TSMC’s Arizona plant in 2024 during a meeting with retail and local engineering staff members in Germany. The corporation made this choice as a proactive measure to lessen their dependency on Asian manufacturers. We’ve already decided to buy from an Arizona factory, and that plant opens in 24 hours; we have about two years ahead of us on that one, possibly a little less.

In addition to Arizona, Cook is planning to increase its chip supply in its European facilities in the near future, especially as Europe is also providing incentives for chip production. The CEO did not provide any details about where in Europe, but according to a Bloomberg story, TSMC is now negotiating plans to develop a plant in Germany with the government.

Prior to switching from Intel, TSMC had always been Apple’s sole chip manufacturing partner. Since 2014, the organisation has been regarded as the chip manufacturer’s largest client.

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