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Truecaller launches all-new iPhone app 2022



Truecaller launches all-new iPhone app 2022

TrueCaller has released a brand-new version of its iPhone app for customers all over the world.CallerID and spam blockers have not been well-suited for iPhone users.

Users of iPhones will find it easier to avoid those bothersome telemarketers thanks to this. It will also be possible for iPhone users to check for numbers without first opening the app. On iPhones, the app will now show emojis in addition to the caller ID.
Truecaller’s co-founder and CEO, Alan Mamedi, states: “We’ve been inventing within the Apple platform to deliver users more potent tools like Call Alerts, Call Reason, and a practical search extension. Many iPhone users have been waiting a long time for this update, and now we can provide them with the finest performing spam and scam detection to assist them in separating the noise from the contact they want to reply to.

Complete redesign of the Truecaller app for iPhone users

Better spam detection, quicker speed, easier onboarding, and a more compact app size are all features of the new app. The new Truecaller app automatically updates spam information in the background to give precise, comprehensive first-ring caller ID and spam detection for any area.

A few of the new Truecaller app’s highlights

Simple sign-in for new users

The new Truecaller app may be accessed very easily. Users may now quickly log in and move around the app.

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10 times better Spam Detection

By automatically updating spam information, the program has built and refined the most current, accurate, and thorough caller ID and spam detection for every geography.

Do a number search without opening the app.

iPhone users will benefit from the new TrueCaller app’s ability to search for numbers outside of the app. You can go to your call log, hit the details button, and choose “Share Contact” with Truecaller if you have answered a call from an unknown number. The caller’s name will be revealed, and the caller’s phone number will subsequently appear in your iPhone Call Log.

The new Truecaller for the iPhone’s main features are:

  • 10 times better caller ID, 10 times better anti-spam and anti-scam measures.
  • greater ease and speed of onboarding for new users
  • enhanced detail view for numerical searches.
  • With the new premium purchasing flow, comparing features is made simpler.
  • Redesign of the search extension (from Phone & gt; Recents & gt; Share Contact)

Updates that will soon be released:

Soon, additional improvements will be made to this revolutionary iOS version, including:

  • Soon, all financial SMS, promotions, online orders, and travel notifications will be automatically categorized by Truecaller.
  • Top spammers are automatically blocked.
  • Comprehensive data on spam-marked numbers
  • For more context, see the comments on spam-marked numbers.
  • Widget redesign for speedier number search

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