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EntertainmentTop 7 AARP Games You Should Play In 2022

Top 7 AARP Games You Should Play In 2022

The environment on the Internet is really entertaining. The Internet may be a source of amusement for seniors in addition to connecting them with friends and family and acting as a virtual encyclopaedia.

Did you know that the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) provides a free library of online games for seniors, including chess, brain games, card games, puzzle games, and word games?

Additionally, they provide multiplayer games where you can play against other players who are concurrently online. It is more than just a way to kill time while playing video games online. Games may support the growth of strong memories, the enhancement of language, and the development of cognitive skills.

What Are AARP Free Games And Why Should I Care?

However, you must first understand what AARP-free games are and why you would be motivated to play them. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a nonprofit organisation that focuses on the issues and challenges that people over 50 face every day.

AARP games are fundamentally mental exercises that people engage in to keep their minds active. The term, however, is frequently used to describe any brain game that challenges a person’s memory and cognitive abilities, regardless of their age or physical condition.

Anyone can play these online games and benefit from the mental stimulation they offer because there are no age limitations. Why postpone doing it until later in life? Play the AARP-sponsored games now and have fun!

The Benefits Of Playing AARP Games

What should you do to increase your physical strength? You are putting your body through its paces by going to the gym. What should you do to develop your intelligence and sharpen your mind? Playing AARP-free games might help you assess your mental capacity. It is a simple procedure. Think about going to the gym and engaging in AARP-free exercises like repetitions and sets.

The more you produce, the stronger and more perceptive your intellect becomes.Research published in 2018 found that brain training can greatly enhance cognitive abilities in healthy individuals. Like your body, your brain needs regular exercise.

Games For Seniors (AARP Free Games 2)

Here are the top 15 AARP free games to play that will assist you in utilising your brain in order to wow your friends and family as you perform mental challenges that others can only imagine. You can accrue AARP reward points in some of these games, which you can then use to buy prizes. That looks like a tonne of fun.

The Best Games On Aarp.Org

You can find a little section on popular games on the AARP website if you ever take the time to look around. This is as a result of older individuals steadily becoming more popular with gaming in recent years (50 years and older).

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According to AARP’s 2019 survey results, the vast majority of respondents preferred playing on mobile devices (73 percent), with puzzle and logic games being their top choices (49 percent). For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most well-liked and excellent games available on the AARP games website.


Chess has been played for a very long time and is a timeless game. It is a terrific way to push oneself and practise logical thinking, in addition to being amusing.

When you play chess online with AARP, the computer will match you against it, and you may choose the level of difficulty from eight options so that you can play even if you are playing by yourself.

You can also play it on a mobile device, which lets you carry your game with you everywhere you go. One of the best things about chess is that you can always get better at it. If you wish to develop your abilities, think about using the lessons provided on either the Chess Corner or the Chess Pathway.

Jewel Shuffle

The objective of this game is to line up gems that are the same colour in any direction you choose. A row or column must include a minimum of three matches. After a successful match, the jewels will disappear, and you will receive points as compensation.

By dragging the diamond in the image that is circled to the right, you may create a vertical line of four diamonds, as seen in the image below. More points are awarded when you line up more and more items of the same kind. That looks like a tonne of fun. Use the magnifying glass on the left side of the screen to find a special gem.

The jewel will start to sparkle after the magnifying glass is clicked. A higher number of points are awarded for the specific gem.The red circled diamond stands out as the special jewel in the image below.

You can earn more points by aligning the three red jewels, which contain the unique jewel, by moving the red jewel beneath the yellow gem up one position: Below is another illustration of the four jewels aligned: A “power gem” is produced when four gems are lined up together.

If applicable, a power gem of the same type as the original gems will take their place. When the power gem is turned on, it will flash and swirl. The power gem will explode and obliterate every other gem in its immediate proximity if you arrange it to form three in a row.

This will result in bonus points for you! Once you start playing the game, you’ll see how somewhat addictive it can be. It is one of the AARP-free games that is one of the most addictive, if not the most addictive.


The AARP’s game section offers a wide variety of crossword variations, all of which are excellent ways to kill time while enhancing your vocabulary and comprehension abilities.

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You will also improve your memory and spelling abilities as a result of learning new vocabulary. You only need to bring your preferred digital device in order to participate, just like the chess game.


A tile-based game with Chinese origins, mahjong (sometimes spelled mahjongg) has been played for centuries. Due to the game’s online variations, it is primarily popular in Asia but is spreading throughout the rest of the world.

The AARP’s gaming website offers ten different Mahjong variations, each of which assesses your memory, attention span, capacity to work under pressure, and spatial awareness.

Finding words within a group of letters will be your goal as you play a game akin to a “word search.” The theme of each game is introduced at the start of the game session.

Cops and robbers is the topic of the game below, and all of the words are associated with it. Finding the words in the puzzle on the right’s left side is the goal.

I used to often engage in this kind of gaming. It is the most “obsessive” of the AARP-free games since the player becomes fixated on discovering the words in the puzzle!


Anyone can appreciate a nice jigsaw puzzle. This jigsaw puzzle was assembled online. That looks like a tonne of fun. Put the pieces together to create the image, just like you would with a real jigsaw puzzle. Using the magnifying glass up top, you can close in. To view the image in the last problem, click the “eye” button. To delete the picture and go back to the board, click the symbol once more.

When you find a matching piece, you can bring the pieces close to one another on the table, and they will click together. This is a lot of fun! Since it’s simple to identify the border pieces, my method is to assemble the border first. I work on the centre after finishing the border.

There are three options available when you begin the puzzle: easy, normal, and expert. Begin with Easy and work your way up.I normally choose “Expert” to make it more interesting and difficult! Ah!

Unbelievably, this feels like a jigsaw puzzle and is equally as entertaining as the board version. I could play this all day, but thankfully there are other AARP-free games available, so choose how you spend your time! I was able to piece together the left-side border of the puzzle below:

Word Wipe

You will like this game if you enjoy word games and looking for words among a group of letters. Finding words by connecting the letters is the goal. To make words, connect the letters in any way.

But there’s a catch, I see! One of the most challenging AARP-free games is this one, since you have to race against time. You need to get rid of as much of the board as you can in order to win. The scoring value increases as your word size increases!

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On the left, just above the “Goal” section, you’ll see a drag bomb. When there are only a few letters left on the screen and no additional words can be formed, use the bomb. Release the bomb after dragging it inside a letter.

You will receive twice as many points for clearing the board if you do this since the remaining letters will explode or burst. You should hold off using the bomb until you reach the finish line in order to maximise your point total.

Alternatives to AARP Games

Although AARP has a tonne of fantastic games, some are only accessible to members. On one of these other free gaming websites, you might be able to find a game that’s similar to one that’s locked to nonmembers:

Solitaire, Memory, FreeCell, and other traditional games are available on the website Solitairebliss.com, which also offers thirty variations on some of the nine different game types.
Play free online jigsaw puzzles at imapuzzle.com. Choose from a huge variety of puzzles and alter the settings to suit your needs. You can even upload a puzzle you’ve created.
Solitaired.com: This website provides access to thousands of different free games. From Yahtzee to Solitaire, Spades, and even crossword puzzles, you’ll never lack for choices.


Is there an AARP games app?

About AARP Games

Mobile Access: You can play on the majority of Android and iOS smartphones and tablets thanks to the mobile friendliness of our website and all of its games.

Does AARP have free brain games?

Free games and puzzles online

Online AARP games are accessible. You can access a tonne of free online games (including ones made specifically for members!) and play them whenever and wherever you please, whether you prefer to perform a daily crossword puzzle, play your favourite Atari games, or test your solitaire abilities.

Most Popular Online Games of 2022: Try these Top 7 Played Video Games in the World
  • PUBG. There is a huge fan following of PUBG in the world. …
  • Minecraft. …
  • Apex Legends. …
  • Fortnite. …
  • Call of Duty Mobile. …
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. …
  • League of Legends (LOL)


It need not be boring to develop yourself and improve your intellect. Contrarily, it is addictive. You can start playing any of these 15 AARP-free games to boost your brain function while creating a fun hobby.

There are lots of online games that can activate your neurons and engage your brain! There are numerous addictive and difficult games available. Online games with chat rooms are also available, allowing you to play with others. There are also game apps available for card games like pokers and engage your brain! There are numerous addictive and difficult games available. Online games with chat rooms are also available, allowing you to play with others. There are also game apps available for card games like poker. Last but not least, there are lots of games you can play with your pals.

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