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TechnologyTop 10 solutions to fix an AirPods case not charging

Top 10 solutions to fix an AirPods case not charging

Had a problem charging Airpod Case? Here are the top 10 solutions to fix an AirPods case not charging

You’ve just finished using your AirPods and want to charge their battery case.

You couldn’t charge your case. When your case’s battery dies, your AirPods won’t charge, and they’ll cease working.

Why AirPod Case Dead and Not Charging?

Cases Data Port Is Dirty Or Damaged

The case’s data port may be dirty or damaged, preventing it from charging.

Lint and grime can get lodged in your case’s charging socket, preventing it from charging when you connect your lightning connection. If your case won’t charge after cleaning the data port, the port is likely damaged.

The Lightning cable issue

If the power source you use to charge your AirPods case or AirPods Pro case is faulty, it won’t charge. Using the proper quantity of power from the right source is crucial for charging. If not, the lawsuit won’t be charged.

A Software Problem

Software issues can prevent your AirPod or AirPod Pro case from charging. A flaw in the operating system may prevent charging the case. Do a hard reset to reset the system and fix the software problem and get rid of this bug.

Battery Problems

Battery issues could be preventing your AirPods case from charging. Eventually, the battery in your AirPods will wear out and need to be replaced.

If you haven’t had your AirPods for long, you shouldn’t experience battery issues.

If your AirPods don’t charge or the battery expires quickly suspect battery concerns. When the battery is dead, don’t throw away your AirPods.  one AirPod drains faster than the other, and your AirPods have battery concerns.

My AirPods case doesn’t light up

If your AirPods case doesn’t light up when charging, the charging system is broken. If you plug in your lightning cable and the AirPod case doesn’t light up, try resetting it.

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To factory reset, put both AirPods in the case and hold the button for 15+ seconds. Amber should flash at some point. Reopen the case to restart pairing. If the problem persists, you should replace it.

The AirPods aren’t charging

If your AirPods are charging but not your case, it’s the case’s charging system, not your AirPods. The internal components of your AirPod case that charge your AirPods are good; the charging system is broken. Usually, a factory reset fixes this glitch.

AirPods Themselves Not Charging?

If your AirPods aren’t charging with your AirPod case, it may be because your AirPod case is dead or because the internal components that charge your AirPods aren’t working.

Why won’t my AirPods case fully charge?

If your AirPod case isn’t fully charged, the adapter may be short-circuited. Your AirPods case may only charge a set percentage, never 100%.

To charge the case, use another USB for the lightning connection and adapter. The problem is solved if the new cable or adapter works. Replacing the battery may also help your AirPods case charge fully.

How Do You Charge Your AirPods Case?

If your AirPod case is charging, place your AirPods in it and look for a red or amber light. The AirPods case will glow green when fully charged.

When you plug in your lightning cord, the AirPod enclosure turns amber. No light indicates a problem. Once completely charged, your AirPod case’s amber light will turn green.

What To Do If Your AirPod Case Won’t Charge?

Before troubleshooting your AirPod case, make sure it’s fully charged. If you don’t know how to charge your AirPod case, this could be why it’s not charging.

Connect the lightning cord to the AirPod case’s bottom to charge. Plug the lightning cable adapter into a power source and your AirPod case should charge. If this doesn’t work, your AirPod case’s charging procedure is broken.

You’ll see an orange light when your AirPod case is charging. If the charging indicator doesn’t turn orange, your AirPod case isn’t charging.

 Restart the AirPod case

Reset your AirPod case. This is a good AirPods case troubleshooting step because there aren’t many.
Resetting your AirPods case will clear the OS and fix charging.

Case reset

  • Hold the case’s setup button.
  • When the amber light turns white, release the button.
  • Charge the battery case.

If this doesn’t work, try another.

Verify charging

If hard resetting your case didn’t work, check its charging components for damage.

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Start with your lightning cable charger. If you’re using your computer, vehicle charger, or wall adapter to charge the case, check for debris or muck that could be interfering.

If you find anything in the power adapter that could prevent your case from charging, don’t use a paperclip or anything sharp because it can produce static electricity and damage your AirPod case or other components.

Use an anti-static brush to clean the adaptor. If you don’t have an anti-static brush hanging around, a new toothbrush will do. Moisture on a toothbrush can damage your iPhone or charger.

Circularly brush it out. Use another power adapter or a friend’s to remedy your AirPod’s not charging. This is the simplest solution.

Clean the Cases Charging Port

Clean your AirPods’ charging ports. Charging ports are notorious for getting lint and dirt trapped in them, especially if you always keep the case in your pants.

Before cleaning the case, don’t use anything wet or metal because it can cause a short circuit and shatter your AirPods case.
For charging port cleaning:

  • Static toothbrushes or toothpicks
  • Dust off
  • The lightning cable should charge the case when connected.

Try the following step if this doesn’t work.

Use a Different Cable

Change the charging cable. If you’re using an MFI-uncertified cable, get a certified Apple lightning cable (view on Amazon).

Fake cables lack MFI certification and connection. Check if you can charge your lightning case after switching cords.

If this step fails, try the next.

 Avoid Using Extensions

Try charging your lightning cord from a wall socket instead of an extension. If the extension isn’t working, your case won’t be charged. The case should start charging once plugged in.

Take out the AirPods

The AirPods themselves could prevent charging. AirPods can sometimes disrupt charging.

Taking your AirPods out of the charging case could help the charging process and charge the case. If this doesn’t work, it could indicate difficulties with the charging process.

Replace AirPods

If your AirPods are damaged and your case won’t charge, you’ll need to replace them.

The AirPods Pro is the most reliable model, so you should upgrade. It’s reliable and doesn’t have problems like the initial AirPods. Upgrading your AirPods will reduce the trouble and fix the charging issue.

Pull out the charging port

Sucking out the charging port on your AirPods case may help. Sucking debris from the charging case’s lightning port is one approach to removing it. Simply plug the end with your mouth forcefully. This works without pressurized air.

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Apple Support

If you’ve done everything and the case still won’t charge, there’s a deeper issue that can’t be fixed with troubleshooting. For help, contact Apple support.

Don’t be surprised if your AirPods break after many years. After 3 years with AirPods, pro or first generation, difficulties begin. Usually the AirPods, but sometimes the case.

Most Airpods have a one-year warranty, so bringing them to the Apple store should be free. Choose the case and any charging-related criteria when choosing the problem with your AirPods on the website.

 wireless charging

Recently, popular wireless chargers could solve your charging problem. When your AirPod case won’t charge, the port or cord may be at fault.

The greatest solution is to charge them wirelessly to avoid the usual mechanism. Wireless chargers don’t require a charging port, so if yours is broken, this is an excellent option.

To use a wireless charger, plug it in and place your AirPod case on the mat.

Firmware update for AirPods

You may update your AirPods’ firmware to fix issues like the case not charging. Old firmware can create charging issues, so update it. If your AirPods’ firmware isn’t up to date, you can update it yourself using a simple approach.

Connect your Airpods to your iPhone before updating the firmware to fix the charging problem. Check your Bluetooth settings.

  • Settings
  • General
  • About
  • Find your AirPods below.
  • version of firmware

If you want to update them, plug the charger into the case and seal it. Leave the AirPods overnight to update. You can’t update them manually, therefore you must wait.

Charging Your AirPods Case Without The AirPods Inside

Only by removing the AirPods from the case can you charge the case, not the AirPods. Power is only diverted to the AirPod case when the AirPods are removed.

Leaving fully charged AirPods in the case will only charge the case. If your AirPods are dead and you place them in the case, the case will charge while the AirPods drain the battery. After charging the AirPods, the case will charge.

How Long Does it Take to Charge an AirPods Case?

If your AirPods cases won’t charge, you may be wondering how long it takes. Your AirPod case charges them, so it takes longer.

It takes 20-30 minutes to fully charge an AirPod case. If you’re short on time, you can quickly get your AirPods in shape.

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