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GamingTomb Raider will not have a sequel; new tape would restart the...

Tomb Raider will not have a sequel; new tape would restart the story

Alicia Vikander would not return as Lara Croft after MGM lost the rights to the franchise.

The Tomb Raider franchise has given a lot to talk about in recent months. Not only has there been a change in the rights of the IP in the field of video games after Square Enix sold them to Embracer Group along with several of its studios, but also the rights of the franchise in the cinema are in movement and at the same time. Apparently, they are the cause of the uncertainty about the sequel, which apparently will not come true with Alicia Vikander due to an oversight.

It had been confirmed that there would be a sequel to Tomb Raider, which debuted in theaters in 2018, and the project was even assigned a new director and screenwriter in 2021. However, filming was delayed due to the pandemic and it was recently revealed that Amazon’s purchase of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), the film’s producer, altered plans for the sequel to such an extent that it made it enter limbo.


Clearly, the situation remains shrouded in uncertainty as neither MGM nor Amazon have made an official statement on the matter. However, recent comments by Alicia Vikander lit up red lights around the project.

Well, today we know more about it and it’s not good news, since the problem with this production would involve copyright and would have important repercussions to such an extent that the actress Alicia Vikander would not return as Lara Croft.

According to a report by TheWrap, MGM had until May 2022 to license a sequel to Tomb Raider but hasn’t done so. This, according to sources familiar with the situation, has led to interested Hollywood studios bidding for the rights.

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According to informants, the franchise rights were returned to the “video game company” in charge of the IP, which in conjunction with GK Films agreed again to represent the franchise and would be considering offers.


This would bring a lot of consequences for the franchise in the world of celluloid. Precisely one of them is that Alicia Vikander, the actress who played the protagonist of the series in the 2018 film, would no longer be involved in the project.

There’s no official word yet on what will happen to the IP’s upcoming movie project, but an insider indicates plans for it to be a sequel fell apart and it’s now a “full reboot” other than not yet. there are plans to search for the director or the cast.

If this information turns out to be true, then the Tomb Raider series starring Alicia Vikander would consist of only 1 movie. On the other hand, there would still be a long way to go before this supposed reboot is ready.

What do you think will happen with the new Tomb Raider movie? Tell us in the comments.

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