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Frequently Asked QuestionsTom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile: Step by step guide for pre-registration

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile: Step by step guide for pre-registration

One of the top shooter games on PC and consoles for years has been Rainbow Six Siege, and just a few months after the release of its sequel, a new instalment in the series is coming. The release of “Rainbow Six Mobile” for Android and iOS was announced by Ubisoft today. “Rainbow Six Mobile,” which has been under development for the last three years, seeks to be the “best tactical shooter game on mobile.” The multiplayer shooter pits two groups of five players against each other. It mostly takes the best parts of Siege and makes them work on mobile devices.

Pre-registration for The Rainbow Six Mobile is now open on the PlayStore. The Google Play Store makes it simple to pre-register for the Rainbow Six Mobile game. To run this game smoothly, just make sure you have a working internet connection and a capable phone with the most recent Android hardware. Follow the instructions below to register:

  • Launch the Google Play Store app.
  • Run a Rainbow Six mobile search.
  • The game by Ubisoft Developers will be displayed. Touch it.
  • Select the Pre-register tab next.
  • You’ll receive a notification when this game is released, it says in the notification. There will be two choices: “Got it” and “Install when available.” To have this game automatically installed on your device, choose the first option.

Ubisoft clarifies

Despite possible similarities to Siege’s core gameplay, characters, and maps, everything has been completely redesigned with mobile usability in mind. A lot of work has been done behind the scenes for the Siege experience to be optimised for mobile devices. This entails a completely new gameplay control system created especially for mobile devices, as well as extensive UI and in-game visual presentation optimization.

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R6 Mobile will come with two maps at launch, Bank and Border, the company revealed during the announcement trailer in April of this year. However, the official website also stated that all operators will soon have access to the new map. Rainbow Six Siege, a game for PC and consoles, first featured both maps. The Bank map is situated in the heart of Los Angeles, California, a city with a large population. The Border map, which is made up of both new and old structures, is situated on the border of two Middle Eastern nations. At launch, there will be a total of 16 operators, each with their own set of tools and skills. Attackers and Defenders, two distinct operator types in the game, each have eight characters.

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