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EntertainmentTokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 10: Release Date, Time, Review and What...

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 10: Release Date, Time, Review and What To Expect

The 10th episode of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will air at 2:08 AM JST on Sunday, March 12, 2023. Takemitchi and Hina will probably be making a decision on the future of their relationship in the upcoming episode. Mikey and Draken might make an effort to comprehend the entire church scenario.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 10 Release Date And Time

The 10th episode of Tokyo Retribution Season 2 will air at 2:08 AM JST on Sunday, March 12, 2023. The majority of worldwide viewers can view the episode on March 11, 2023, a Saturday. The times will change globally.

The release date and times are as follows:

Pacific Standard Time – 9:08 AM, Saturday, 11th March 2023.

Eastern Standard Time – 12:08 PM, Saturday, 11th March 2023.

British Standard Time – 5:08 PM, Saturday, 11th March 2023.

Indian Standard Time – 10:38 PM, Saturday, 11th March 2023.

Japanese Standard Time – 2:08 AM, Sunday, 12th March 2023.

Australian Standard Time – 3:38 AM, Sunday, 12th March 2023.

Where To Watch Episode 10

The majority of viewers outside of the United States can watch the show on Disney Plus. The series will only be broadcast on Hulu in the United States.

What Happened In the Previous Episode: Recap

The ninth episode of Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers was titled “Dawn of a New Era.” Mikey began the episode by wishing everyone a happy holiday. He also detailed the flashes he experienced while riding with Baji and his older brother. Given that both of them are already deceased, Mitsuya is astounded to hear it.

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Mikey received an apology from Mitsuya for breaking the peace agreement with the Black Dragon, for which she accepted full responsibility. Mikey is questioned by Taiju about his motivations. But Mikey brusquely begs him to refrain from interjecting when he is speaking to his buddies. Mikey is suddenly knocked down by Taiju. After Taiju uses just one blow to take down Mikey, Takemitchi loses all hope.
Mitsuya, who is incensed by this, charges at Taiju. As he wouldn’t fight on Christmas Day, Mikey gets out of bed and waits for the church bells. Inui interjects at the same time, saying that Taiju is Black Dragon’s best fighter and Mikey won’t be able to defeat him.
A young Inui and Kokonoi vow to resurrect the Black Dragon when the gang splits up in a flashback. Kokonoi brings Inui to Taiju as a result. Taiju was later designated as the Black Dragon’s leader.

In The End

Mikey kicks Taiju and knocks him to the ground quickly. Mikey also expresses the value he places on his friendships. As soon as Taiju stands up, he tells Kokonoi to gather the entire gang and attack Toman.

But when Kokonoi leaves, he notices that Draken has already dealt with the members of the Black Dragon gang. The team is completely out of it. Taiju becomes hopeless and loses his desire to fight.
As Takemitchi realises he was successful in his goal and no one died, the Toman members decide to go on a ride. As he collapses, Mitsuya hails him as the battle’s hero.

What To Expect From The Episode 10

Mikey potentially assuming control of his group will be seen in Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 10. Takemitchi will make an effort to reconcile with Hina. He’ll probably explain to Hina why he broke up with her and make a decision regarding their future together.
Hakkai will formally take over as vice captain again. Hakkai and Yuzuha are now liberated from Taiju. Kisaki may be confronted by Chifuya for betraying him and Takemitchi. Draken will probably offer his opinion on the matter.

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Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 10 Detiles Review Explain

My favourite television show is Tokyo Revengers. Its genre blends science fiction, drama, and action. This Japanese series was created by Ken Wakui. The main protagonists are Draken, Mikey, Takemichi, and Naoto. The narrative occurs in Japan. The story centres on Takemichi, a 26-year-old guy dating Hinata, who was killed in an accident while they were still dating. Takemichi once narrowly avoided death and went back in time to save his girlfriend.
My opinions of the series are that it is a fantastic piece of work, whether it be the story, the character designs, or the paper manga! The year was one of my favourites ever. I think Mikey’s character is badass and has too much style.

What Is the Rating of Tokyo Revengers?

Popular manga series The Tokyo Revengers has received a tonne of praise for its compelling plot and stunning artwork. The show has received appreciation from both fans and reviewers, earning a staggering 8.3 rating on MyAnimeList and 8.3 out of 10 on IMDB.

Meanwhile, its anime adaptation has been a huge hit, with viewers applauding its gripping storyline and action-packed scenes. All things considered, Tokyo Revengers is a must-watch series, and its supporters can be happy about its excellent rating.

How many episodes of Tokyo Revengers season 2 will there be?

Tokyo Revengers, a well-known anime series, will have 12 episodes in its second season. The season’s storyline will thus come to a satisfactory finish, and there will be many intriguing plot turns.

Also, some of the same endearing characters from the first season will return, along with some new ones, to keep fans entertained. The upcoming launch of the second season will give fans a fantastic experience.

What Is The Popularity Of Tokyo Revengers Series?

Since it was first released in 2023, the Tokyo Revengers series has gained a lot of popularity. It boasts an original and captivating plot, a tonne of action-packed scenes, an excellent cast, and a tonne of character development.

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This episode may contain fresh narrative twists and revelations, and we’ll discover more about how the key characters are evolving.  Revengers has become one of the most watched shows of 2023, thanks in large part to some amazing battle scenes that fans have been treated to.  Revengers is guaranteed to make its mark in the annals of anime thanks to its impressive cast and captivating tale.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Get Ready for the Latest Episode 10 Trailer

No trailer for Tokyo Revengers Episode 10 is available yet. The trailer for Episode 10 may be released soon. Check out the season 2 trailer.


The popularity of the first two seasons of the anime series Tokyo Revengers led to widespread praise and a devoted fan base. Audiences eagerly anticipate forthcoming episodes of season two, while the third season is already running.

We are grateful for your intense interest in our products and pledge to always be there for you. We’re excited to hear from you and give you a special viewing experience. I’m grateful.


How many episodes Tokyo Revengers season 2 will have?

From April 11 through September 19, 2021, a 24-episode season was shown.

How many episodes does Tokyo Revengers will have in total?

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 is scheduled to include 13 episodes, compared to the original season’s 24. The manga, which ran for five years, just came to an end. There will be two more arcs to adapt after the Christmas Showdown arc.

Will Tokyo Revengers have season 3?

A third season of Tokyo Revengers has not been officially announced. Yet we believe it will happen sooner or later. According to the schedule, the second season of Tokyo Revengers will likely premiere in the middle of 2024. Tokyo Revengers first entered our lives in 2021, and the second season followed in early 2023.

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