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EntertainmentTikTok's Pink Sauce has gone viral: Why is the FDA getting involved?

TikTok’s Pink Sauce has gone viral: Why is the FDA getting involved?

In your social media feeds during the past week, you might have come across a “Pink Sauce” headline. It may have passed you by, but it’s difficult to get away from now. Chef Carly Pii is taking the Pink Sauce crisis very, very personally because it is true.

Carly Pii: Who is she?

Pii, a single mother of two kids, claims she has been a private chef for four years. She published scores of YouTube videos between 2018 and 2020 before she started using TikTok, ranging from mukbang videos to weight loss vlogs in which she adhered to trendy diets with questionable nutritional support. About a month ago, Pii posted a picture of her homemade, vividly pink concoction on her tiny TikTok account, which is when the pink sauce scandal started. The cook decided to bottle and sell Pink Sauce for $20 a bottle after quickly surpassing her years-old YouTube channel in views on the platform.

Aside from the price, her new admirers observed that some essential facts were omitted, like the flavour, composition, and origin of the pink colour. She even praised its purported health advantages while keeping the ingredients secret.

What went wrong, then?

Several things. Customers have claimed that the sauce they received was in damaged bottles. Some people drew attention to the fact that it contains ingredients that must be refrigerated but are not listed on the label.

Others are more worried about the sauce. They questioned the taste and appearance of it. Labeling problems have also been mentioned frequently.

The nutritional information on the packaging claims that each bottle contains 444 servings. There are numerous mistakes on this nutritional label, which states that there are 444 servings, or 14.4 grammes, according to a TikTok user. This results in an erroneous total weight for the bottle of almost 6,300 grammes. And I’m now looking at quality control to see if these minor details were missed. I’m a little frightened.

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Pii confirmed that this mistake was made by a graphic designer and will be fixed in the next batch.

Along with this, the sauce’s shifting pink colour has drawn attention.

How has Chef Pii addressed the criticisms?

PII emailed emails to customers who had either received a refund or a replacement order for her sauce. She also shared instructional videos on YouTube and TikTok, emphasising the fact that the sauce is produced in an FDA-approved facility.

She is not weighed down, though. She actually intends to market her stuff outside of TikTok.

“Lab testing is taking place right now. We will be allowed to pitch to stores after we go through lab testing, she said.

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