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High school sweethearts Matt and Abby, who have gained notoriety on TikTok in recent years, are soon to have a child. There is no denying that this young couple is now dominating the internet.
Just a few days have passed since Matt and Abby Howard made their second child’s impending arrival public.

Abby And Matt Are Expecting Their Second Child

Matt and Abby, a power couple on TikTok, declared they would become parents once more in 2023. The couple, both 24 years old, disclosed an accident that led to the second pregnancy during a recent episode of The Unplanned Podcast where they opened up about it.

After welcoming Griffin, their first child, into the world in July 2022, around four months after holding Griffin, Abby remarked that she immediately became pregnant with baby number two. The high school sweethearts, who got married in college during their sophomore year, began sharing updates about their everyday lives on TikTok in recent months as they were adjusting to their new existence as a young family.
Long before Abby and her team made the happy news public, there were indications that it was coming. The couple stated that the second pregnancy was not in their plans, as was mentioned in the most recent video. As the programme goes on, their discussion shifts to getting ready for a second child while the first is still under a year old.
Despite Griffin’s birth, the pair has made it abundantly clear that they are aware of the processes involved in reproduction as well as the risks involved with the techniques they employed after Griffin was born. Matt talks about how he feels about having a second child and how he began to notice changes in his wife before they were pregnant in the most recent Unpanned Podcast.

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With Wishes From Fans, The Couple Is Showered With Love

The enthusiasm of Abby and Matt’s supporters as they bring their second child into the world is uncontrollable, and they couldn’t be happier for them. Many heartfelt congratulations and messages have been left on their videos.

Did anyone else catch Matt hinting at it in the most recent episodes? One of them added, “I’m very excited for you guys with your first pregnancy.”

“Totally on the money. The podcast’s name, Matt’s remark, “during your first pregnancy,” the ultrasound images, and the cushion in front of Abby in the final episode Greetings to you two! The party included still another person.

“For me, this will be the most unexpected news of the month!” “Seriously so happy for you guys,” a different supporter tweeted in response to the news.

They Were High School Sweethearts

Abby and Matt, TikTok power couple, didn’t set out to become the most well-known couple in the world, but after receiving love and support from millions of people, they realised they were destined to do so. They had intended for Abby to become a doctor and Matt to work in finance, but their passion for TikTok caused them to rethink their plans.

The couple gained further notoriety after finding out they were expecting their first child because fans couldn’t get enough of the videos they made to reveal the pregnancy and the baby’s gender.
The couple obviously vlogs about their daily lives, but they also frequently participate in challenges and viral trends, drawing fans from all over the world. The Unplanned Podcast currently has 80,000 YouTube subscribers and 4.9 million TikTok users following their channel.

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What TikTok couple gave birth?

Find out more about the couple’s new son and the wonderful reason behind his name from AntxAna, who is known to their followers. AntxAna’s Anthony Jones and Anna Jones of TikTok are now parents!

When did Matt and Abby have their baby?

July 2022
The couple chronicled every aspect of their lives, including their daily activities, Abby’s pregnancy, and even the birth of their son, Griffin, in July 2022.

Are Matt and Abby married?

High school sweethearts Matt and Abby first connected at the summer theatre programme at the Muny in St. Louis, Missouri, when they were eighth graders. Later, the two entered Springfield, Missouri’s Missouri State University. On July 6, 2019, they exchanged vows while they were still in their second year of college.

Who is the TikToker that got pregnant?

My baby! Maddie Castellano, a mommy influencer and TikToker, went popular after sharing a video in which she and her three closest friends revealed that they had all become pregnant twice at the same time.

How many kids do Matt and Abby have?

Abby said that Griffin, her and Matt’s first kid, was born in July 2022, and that she found out she was expecting baby number two just four months later.

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