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TechnologyTikTok is releasing its dislike button for user comments to all users...

TikTok is releasing its dislike button for user comments to all users globally!

The Chinese short-form video app TikTok has officially announced the global rollout of its comment dislike button. To aid users in identifying remarks they feel are unnecessary or improper, TikTok started testing the tool back in April.

When you click the “dislike” button next to a comment, your dislike remains private and the author of the disapproved comment is not informed. The number of times a comment has been disapproved won’t be visible to commenters or other users either. Alternatively, you can undo your dislike by hitting the button once more.

The following statement was made public by the company:

“We’re releasing it internationally following some testing. People can retract their comments at any time by simply tapping again, and the total number of dislikes for a comment is not displayed.

The Dislike Button is Now Available for All Users on TikTok

According to TikTok, this tool’s goal is to improve the user experience. Along with the option to report a comment for not following community rules, there will also be a “dislike” button.

“This helps us make the comments section a place where real conversations can happen, since we’ll be better able to spot comments that aren’t needed or aren’t appropriate,” it said.

Since March 2020, when a social media expert named Matt Navarra saw the feature for the first time, TikTok has been working to set up the hate button.

The business explains that using the dislike button for comments is not the sole use for it. Instead, users should use the established procedure for reporting harassing comments.

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Matt Navarra, a social media expert, discovered the TikTok hate button earlier this year.

Additionally, Twitter has been experimenting with a private downvote option for tweet replies.

Reddit has a downvote button for comments, while Google-owned YouTube already has a thumbs-down button.

You can tap a thumbs-down button, much like on other social networks, to show your disgust or undo your action if you change your mind.

The tool is marketed by the corporation as an additional method of receiving input on “irrelevant or unacceptable” comments. If a comment gets a lot of dislikes, it could be hate speech, spam, or trolling. TikTok should know about it.
In a blog post regarding the new test, the business stated, “We’ve started testing a technique to allow individuals to identify comments they feel to be irrelevant or unsuitable.” The author says that this user feedback will “add to the many parameters we already use to help keep the comment section relevant and a place for real discussion.”

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