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GamingThey say one of the best Nintendo 3DS games is coming to...

They say one of the best Nintendo 3DS games is coming to Switch

Informant talked about a supposed remaster that would be on the way.

Nintendo has a lot of big releases on the way, so Switch users will be pretty busy in the coming months. In the absence of a Direct as such, players wonder what other surprises the company is already preparing.

A reputable informant put his grain of sand and revealed details of a supposed remastering that is in development for Switch. It would be a new version of one of the best games for Nintendo 3DS.


According to insider Zippo, Nintendo is preparing the triumphant return of Kid Icarus: Uprising with a port for Switch. It would be a remastering that would include some important changes compared to the original game for 3DS.

The project would be in the hands of Bandai Namco, a company that has collaborated with Nintendo on multiple games. It would have an improved control scheme, as it would be much more accessible. The original version relied heavily on the use of the touch screen, which did not convince all fans.

It is said that the port will feature various visual improvements to take advantage of the extra potential of the hybrid console. Zippo mentions that the port will not lose content, so it will also include multiplayer.

Finally, it is mentioned that this online component will use Bandai Namco’s network code. The informant considers this to be bad news, as other releases have shown that it is not the best system when it comes to online play.

It is important to mention that this is unofficial information, so for now it is better to consider it a rumor. Nintendo has been able to bring back the best Wii U games to give them new life on Switch, so it wouldn’t be surprising to know that it also plans to do so with Nintendo 3DS games.

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Kid Icarus: Uprising was well received as it marked the return of the series after a long absence. Despite this, not all fans were satisfied with the results. The idea of ​​a remaster with improvements to the control system is appealing, but we’ll have to wait to find out how accurate the report is.

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