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EntertainmentThe Way Home Season 1 Episode 3 Preview: Release Date, Time &...

The Way Home Season 1 Episode 3 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

A brand-new family drama with a time-travel component has been developed by Hallmark. The Way Home, a new show on a cable network, has quickly become one of the most popular shows on that network.
The show follows three generations of Landry family women as they reconnect and discover their ancestors’ history. The second episode of the show just aired, so fans are eagerly waiting for the third episode to come out. But when will season three of The Way Home air? Find out by reading on.

The Way Home Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date and Time

The Way Home season 1’s third episode will debut on Hallmark on January 29, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing is the title of the episode. The show will be streamable on Philo and FuboTV for anybody who missed the cable broadcast. The first season of the program’s complete number of episodes has not yet been made public.

The upcoming episode’s synopsis, which was also posted by Hallmark, says, “Del deals with the bittersweet emotions associated with Colton’s yacht; Alice falls in love with the past and has her first kiss; Kat takes a job at the local paper.”

The Way Home Season 1 Episode 3 Preview

The network has also released a sneak peek for the forthcoming episode, which shows how things go for Kat, Alice, and Del. The advertisement can be seen below.
“Three generations of strong and independent women living together in the little farm village of Port Haven embark on an illuminating and surprising trip none of them could have anticipated as they learn how to find their way back to each other,” reads the official synopsis for the programme.

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“More than 20 years ago, Kat left the little Canadian agricultural town of Port Haven due to life-altering circumstances, and she is still estranged from Del to this day. The reasons behind their split family are unknown to Alice, who has never met her grandmother.
The statement goes on to say, “As the three generations of women slowly try to find their way back to each other as a family, they go on an eye-opening and shocking journey that none of them could have imagined.”

The Way of Home has Become One of the Most-Watched Cable Programs

The programme, which debuted on January 15, is already the third most watched cable programme overall and the second most watched entertainment programme on Sunday. The Hallmark Channel became the most-watched entertainment cable network of the week thanks to the episode, which attracted over 2.4 million unique viewers.
As the executive vice president of programming at Hallmark Media, Lisa Hamilton Daly remarked, “The Way Home is a passion project of mine, and I am beyond thrilled to see this particular series brought to life here at Hallmark and so brilliantly.”

Alex Hook plays Kat Landry as a teen, Remy Smith as Jacob Landry, Al Mukadam as Bradyn Dhawan, and Chyler Leigh as Kat Landry Dhawan. Other cast members include Sadie Laflamme-Snow as Alice Dhawan, Andie MacDowell as Del Landry, Evan Williams as Elliot Augustine, Jefferson Brown as Colton Landry, and Alex Hook as Teenage Kat Landry.

The Way Home Season 1 Episode 2 Recap and Summary

According to Elliott’s text to Kat, Alice returns home after telling young Elliott what happened to him and leaps back into the pond, returning to 2023. Kat has been scared sick for 12 hours, and Del is searching for her.

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Kat grounds Alice after finding her barely out of the bath, assuming she hitchhiked to his father. Alice, confused, contacts Elliott at school and learns she crossed time via the pond.
However, Brady phones Kat and learns about Alice. Brady informs Kat about a client who wants a book about Kat returning home after a family catastrophe. Kat hesitates, but after her mother sends her to apply for a waitress job, she pretends she has a book deal.

Del takes Alice to the farmers market on weekends, knowing she’s grounded, and leaves a note for Kat. Kat and Del don’t talk because Del doesn’t want to talk about Jacob or Kat’s father, who died three months after Jacob disappeared.

Alice, who only met Jacob once, is becoming increasingly concerned about how he went missing. She searches the local newspaper’s archives and learns that “he was there at one moment and disappeared the next” and that there is no proper conclusion. Del had been hoping for Jacob’s return for 20 years, but she’s tired of waiting and wants to conclude that chapter of her life.

She tells Kat about Jacob’s memorial, and after some deliberation, Kat attends and hears Del’s touching words.

As the episode ends, Alice stands at the pond as Elliott appears from behind and talks about déjà vu. The pond chooses when Alice goes back in time.

Alice jumps into the pond and emerges in 1999, running around the fields to discover Kat and Jacob playing.



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