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The Microsoft Windows Start Menu problem has been resolved, but app shortcuts have not been restored

The problem with the Microsoft Windows Start Menu that was caused by a bad update to Microsoft Defender has finally been fixed. The disappearance of the taskbar, start menu, and app shortcuts caught some users off guard.

The Redmond-based software company, however, now claims that the problem has been fixed. Here is the first course of events.

Microsoft Windows Start Menu, App Shortcuts Issue

The taskbar, start menu, and app shortcuts are crucial components of Windows. It makes it simple for users to access and run programmes, data, and settings, among other things.
Therefore, if app shortcuts and the Start menu start to vanish, there is a problem of some kind, either an OS bug or a problem with an application.

It turns out that the latter is the most recent problem. According to a recent article by Bleeping Computer, a well-known software developer said that a new Microsoft Defender ASR rule led to the deletion of app shortcuts, the taskbar, and the Start menu.

Due to the problem, users briefly lost access to their taskbar and Start menu because of the faulty Defender ASR rule.

According to a news report from Bleeping Computer, the ASR regulation is not meant to get rid of these important Windows features. Instead, it should make it harder for any possible virus to use VBA macros to get into the system.

However, the Defender ASR rule went on to incorrectly label programme shortcuts as dangerous this time. As a result, they were deleted along with the taskbar and the Start menu as a result of this misbehaviour.

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Given that these are crucial components of the operating system, users who ran into this problem may have found it frustrating.

The official Twitter account for Microsoft 365 Status said that they had “found that a single regulation was having an effect.” The rule has already been “reverted to prevent further impact as we examine further,” they said.

The IT behemoth noted that it might take several hours for the repair to reach all impacted customers.

Start Menu Issue Now Fixed, But Shortcuts Remain Deleted

The Verge says in its most recent article that Microsoft said it had already fixed the problems, so the missing Start menu should be back. The IT behemoth claims that the shortcuts are being erased automatically rather than by hand.

The news source claims that the large company waited hours before releasing its remedy.

The vulnerability should be avoided by installing security intelligence update build 1.381.2164.0 or later.

The issue, however, is that the accidentally deleted shortcuts cannot be recovered. Users would therefore need to review them once more, just as they would when their systems were fresh.

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