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The Apple TV expects you to have an iPhone in order to accept new iCloud terms and conditions

The most recent necessity of the Cupertino firm to update their Apple ID and terms via an iPhone is the focus of the new Apple TV concerns, which are unrelated to its streaming capabilities and service. Numerous customers have voiced their complaints online, especially since some only possess Apple TVs and not other iOS devices.

Prior to this most recent update, users could use Apple TV without any iOS devices nearby, but for some reason, Apple now mandates this, prompting them each time they use it.

Apple TV Requires an iPhone and Users are Angry

According to a tweet that recently went viral from an Apple TV user, everyone must now update their Apple IDs and accept the company’s new terms and conditions using an iPhone. In order to continue using the device without interruption, users must do this on iOS 16-upgraded devices and no older.
The user alleges that this message appears each time they open their Apple TV set and instructs them to use their smartphones to validate their Apple IDs.

Previously, customers could continue to use their Apple TV by authenticating it on a PC web browser, which would then accept this confirmation.

Apple TV tvOS 16: iCloud T&C

According to the customer, the new tvOS 16 requires him to agree to the terms and conditions of the iCloud prompt on his Apple TV set. He asserted that he has attempted to resolve this issue by logging on to the website, but that no prompts regarding iCloud’s T&C appeared.

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They also tried a different method for this, which is to download the Apple Music app for Android in order to receive the same alert, but it did not work for them.

Apple TV Services

The well-known tech corporation Apple offers a plug-and-play gadget called Apple TV that turns any television into a smart TV with a variety of capabilities, including Siri and applications. This is a means to upgrade one’s television with new content, especially for older models, and it works with the Apple TV HD and other models as well.
With its most recent Apple TV 4K top boxes for connecting to televisions, the business offers various storage options on its Apple TV devices, ranging from 64 GB to 128 GB. Apple used to have a flaw that prevented users from installing programmes or preserving recorded content if their storage space reached 64 GB. This prevented customers from making the most of the greater storage capacities that Apple had already fixed.

Along with streaming sticks and gadgets like Amazon’s Fire Stick, Roku, Google TV, and more, the Apple TV is one of the most well-known black boxes for televisions that is now available in the world. However, because not everyone has an iPhone to continue using the service—especially given that it requires iOS 16 installed on devices—Apple TV may lose subscribers and users as a result of this problem.

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