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TechnologyTesla puts a ‘dummy’ camera in its new vehicles

Tesla puts a ‘dummy’ camera in its new vehicles

In several of the company’s EV vehicles, a fake Tesla camera was discovered.
On July 5, 2016, in New York City, a Tesla Model S is parked in front of a brand-new Tesla showroom and servicing facility in Red Hook, Brooklyn. After an incident involving one of its electric vehicles that was utilizing the contentious autopilot technology, the electric vehicle business and its CEO and founder, Elon Musk, have come under increased criticism.
The latest collection of computers and sensors from the manufacturer for the Tesla Autopilot and FSD is called Hardware 4.0, and it includes this defective camera sensor.
The EV developer recently stated that it is updating its cameras in a filing with Chinese regulators.
These modifications affect how the front-facing camera system is configured, combining two cameras rather than three.

The most recent leaks, however, indicate that Hardware 4.0 still features three cameras.

Tesla Dummy Camera Spotted!

The fake camera was discovered on Model X and Model S units produced at the Fremont factory, according to the most recent Electrek story.
On March 29, 2021, in Tilburg, Netherlands, a general view of the Tesla Assembly Factory building, which also performs vehicle deliveries and features a service center. A Dutch online news outlet stated in the middle of March that the Tilburg plant, which assembles the Tesla Model S and Model X, will stop operations owing to modifications in the production process, putting about 100 jobs in danger.
The front-facing camera casing initially made it difficult to determine if they actually had three cameras.

The initial repair manuals for the recently produced Model X and S devices, however, confirmed the defective camera.

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“Old Tri-Front Facing Camera vs. Bi-FForward Facing (HW4) Camera (HW3) From current photographs, it appears that the third camera is a dud. Backup camera also has a new appearance; “u/carrera4s, a Redditor who was able to obtain the EV manuals, said as much.

The third camera is a fake camera, according to Tesla. The company didn’t specify the purpose of the extra camera sensor, though.

What is the Purpose of This Dummy Camera?

Several EV supporters and detractors expressed their theories even if Tesla didn’t offer a clear explanation.
According to experts, Tesla might eventually aim to install a new camera. Other EV supporters speculated that the fake camera could be a radar in the meantime.

They claimed that the third malfunctioning camera actually resembled Audi’s TACC radar.

Some rumors might appear to be true. Yet, until the huge carmaker acknowledged them, they would still be considered rumors.

Together with the new dummy camera, Tesla is developing more EV advancements.

One of these is the upcoming Tesla Model Y Juniper, which might start manufacturing as early as 2024.

Also anticipated from the company are next-generation Tesla EV cars that will be 50% less expensive than the present variants.

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