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Solo Leveling Anime Release Date Confirmed? Release Date, Trailer, Story, and News [Update 2023]

Today, we are going to discuss Solo Leveling Anime Release Date Confirmed? Release Date, Trailer, Story, and News [Update 2023]

For many years now, the graphical novel world of this planet has been ruled by terminology like “manga” and “manhwa.” This type of Asian-originated comic story has become more popular all around the world, which has impacted other marketing sales. And specifically, the market for manhwa has exploded practically everywhere, not only in South Korea. Solo Leveling or I level Up alone is one of the best of its kind among all the manhwas that have dominated the top list of the manhwa market for all these years. The manhwa was recently completed after a four-year journey with 179 mind-blowing chapters.Additionally, it will now broaden its universe with the official solo levelling anime that is slated to debut sooner than expected.

Just before the new year of 2022 got underway, we received some extremely positive news that has the potential to drive us absolutely insane. What’s this? Yes, the anime version of the much-loved manga Solo Leveling has begun. Additionally, this information verified that the Solo Leveling anime’s production has already begun.

Will the story of the original Manhwa be changed for the upcoming anime?

According to sources and rumors, the upcoming Solo Leveling anime will depart from the original Korean Solo Leveling manga in many ways.The main character’s name will be changed from the original Jin-Woo to Shun Mizushino, and the events will now take place in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, rather than Seoul, the capital of South Korea, in addition to some other minor adjustments to the plot. As a result, the anime plot has undergone numerous minor changes in comparison to the manga.Many fans believe that this is the reason why the anime’s 2023 release date is the result of production delays.

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Production Updates of Solo Leveling

Speaking of rumors, an insider has confirmed that the Solo Leveling anime is becoming official, with the release date to be announced soon on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo.In addition to this specific person, several other Twitter users have also remarked on this subject, indicating that this information is unquestionably accurate.

If these reports are accurate, Studio Mir may be in charge of the production efforts, according to some conjecture. In this light, it is important to note that Studio Mir is a studio with South Korean roots that is renowned for its excellent work on a number of well-known animated programmes, including The Legend of Korra and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.
Fans definitely wanted MAPPA or Ufotable to take over the production because they are all familiar with what happens when the manga is turned into animation. However, that won’t be taking place given the anti-Japanese elements in the manhwa’s narrative. The online streaming service Crunchyroll adapted and obtained licences for other webtoons, including Tower of God and Noblesse.

However, we don’t hold any information about the production or an official release date. The Solo Leveling and D&C media publishers have not yet made any information about the adaptation public, but based on the buzz, we will eventually hear from some insiders.

The Boyz, a well-known K-pop group from South Korea, will instead be releasing an original OST for the upcoming Solo Leveling anime. The OST is expected to be released in February 2022.

When will the Solo Leveling Anime be released?

Given the size of the manhwa and its length, we don’t believe the studio will be able to tell the entire tale in a single season. We could most likely get it in the first quarter of 2023 if the studio pushes their work (without lowering the anime quality as they did with God of High School) because there will be more than one season. And if the creators want to release it all at once rather than build up the fans’ anticipation… If you’re planning on waiting, good luck, because it won’t happen until the third or fourth quarter of 2023.


We have several excellent anime series in 2022 that will air brand-new episodes every Sunday. If this pattern persists into 2023, too, then the 12th of March seems like a good day for the show to premiere. Since the manhwa has been finished for some time, fans are eager to see it again on screens. The creators are incredibly eager to release the most anticipated anime of 2023. The fans are also eagerly anticipating its debut. We hope that the anime is released as scheduled in the first quarter of 2023.

Who will be in Solo Leveling Anime?

Regarding the cast of the project, there have been numerous rumours regarding the voice actor who will play Sung-Jin Woo, the protagonist of the anime. If the manga is adapted by a Japanese studio, some claim that the character will be voiced by renowned voice actor Mamoru Miyano. Mamoru Miyano is well known for his role as the voice of Light in Death Note. Additionally, there have been a number of reports regarding the voice actor for the English dub of the anime, Johnny Yong Bosch. Lelouch, Sabo, and Ichigo are just a few of the well-known characters that Jonny Yong Bosch is known for voicing in cartoons (Code Geass).

Solo Leveling Anime Trailer

Crunchyroll shared the stunning teaser PV above during the aforementioned industry panel, giving fans a sneak peak at the mood of the upcoming anime.

Most astute fans saw that Jinwoo’s transformation from weak to strong was cleverly depicted in the key visual.

The official Solo Leveling Twitter account and a few other well-known anime social media accounts posted the Crunchyroll teaser.

The PV was posted by Crunchyroll on their Youtube channel, but it is no longer accessible for unknown reasons.

Solo Leveling Anime Key Visual Revealed

Fans of the Solo Leveling anime are getting quite enthusiastic for its debut because the official key visual has already been unveiled and teases a 2023 release date. It is not yet known whether the complete manga will be presented in one season or if it will be broken up into different seasons based on the manga arcs. However, it is now the most anticipated and ambitious anime, and both the trailers and the key art show great promise.

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New Solo Leveling Concept Art Looks Promising

Shonen Leaks recently released some new concept art for the Solo Leveling anime series. On December 4, 2022, Cha Hae-in and Sung Jinwoo’s standard battle designs were uploaded to the Shonenleaks Twitter account. According to the concept image, the anime would likely begin with Jinwoo at a younger stage and gradually advance to adulthood as the plot develops. Given that the artwork shows Jinwoo being portrayed as a young man rather than an adult man, this makes a lot of sense.

Where To Watch Solo Leveling Anime

Despite there being no set time or date for the premiere, sources confirmed that Solo Leveling will air on Crunchyroll. Once the pertinent information has been made public, we’ll update this article.

Fans are still concerned about how solo levelling will end, despite A-1 taking the helm.

It may be noted that the Big 3 manga (Noblesse, God of High School, and Tower of God), which Crunchyroll co-produced, received negative reviews from many fans for its tempo and content.

Given that Solo Leveling has topped Crunchyroll’s survey of the top 10 mangas readers wish to see animated for two years, fans’ feelings in this regard are justified.

But while supporters invest their expectations in the production team, the growing excitement fuels the anticipation.

However, it would be great if you didn’t ignore this group of seasoned anime professionals.


Will Solo Leveling get anime adaptation?

The long-awaited anime for solo levelling will be directed by some relatively well-known figures in the field. The popular webcomic Solo Leveling will be adapted into an anime, as it was announced during this year’s Anime Expo. The webtoon is based on Chugong’s webnovel, which was completed in 2021.

What is the Solo Leveling anime release date?

The Solo Leveling side-story will start serialising on Saturday, January 21, 2023, according to Twitter user and reliable general anime news source @AniNewsAndFacts (ANF).

Which studio will animate Solo Leveling?

A-1 Images
The highly anticipated Solo Leveling anime adaptation will be made by A-1 Pictures, and a 2023 release date has been set. Solo Leveling’s anime adaptation has revealed its production studio and more character designs for the story’s main character.

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