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TechnologySmart Replies in Google Chat can now ‘respond’ in these three more...

Smart Replies in Google Chat can now ‘respond’ in these three more languages 2022

Key Specifications:

  • Three more languages are now supported by Google Chat’s Smart Replies feature.
  • French, Portuguese, and Spanish are these languages.
  • Android users can now choose multiple photos and email them all at once.

For more than four years, Google Chat has offered the Smart Reply function. Unfortunately, it only supports the English language. The situation has changed. French, Portuguese, and Spanish are the three new languages the corporation has added to the functionality.

According to Google, users don’t need to worry about a thing because the software will recognise the language they are typing in and give them prompt responses. For individuals who work for an international company and collaborate on writing with various people in multiple languages, this function is really helpful. You will still be able to gain from its introduction.

Three more languages are now supported for the Google Chat Smart Replies feature

There is nothing you need to do on your end; the Smart Replies functionality will automatically be upgraded with this increased language support. It’s easy to reactivate Smart Replies if you’ve turned them off over the years. All you have to do is go to Settings.

But in order to use this feature, users must first turn on Smart Replies by going to the app’s settings, clicking the gear icon, and selecting “Enable Smart Reply on web and desktop.”

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On Android and the internet, Smart Replies are available in Messages, Gmail, and Google Docs. In every app, this operates similarly. It’s also built into Android notifications and can give short, quick answers based on the message it receives.

Multiple photos and videos can be chosen and sent by Android users

Right now, iOS users can choose numerous photos and videos to share in a single Google Chat message. Thankfully, the same functionality is now being made available to Android users as well; Workspace Rapid Release domains have had it as recently as two days ago (September 15th, 2022). On September 30, 2022, the rollout for Scheduled Release domains is expected to start.

Google claims that Photos will select and cut the most memorable segments of the videos that users have originally captured and display them in Memories.Images will also be somewhat zoomed in and out at the same time.


What are smart suggestions Android?

With Gmail’s Smart Compose function, you should now be able to compose emails. Simply launch a new email window and begin to type. If Gmail has any suggestions, they will appear in your phrase as light grey text. Press the tab key on your keyboard to accept it; it will then show up in your phrase in black.

How do you use smart reply on Google Chat?

Answer a message

  • Launch the Gmail or Chat apps.
  • Then click Chat or Spaces at the bottom.
  • Open a chat window or a blank area.
  • Tap Reply if you are in a vacant area below the message.
  • Enter your message here or choose an idea. Before sending, you can edit a recommended message.
  • Click Send
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What are smart suggestions Android?

Users of One UI can receive Smart Suggestions for tasks, such as calendar events and reminders, based on how they use their phones when the latter functionality is activated. These recommendations are sent to the user via alerts, and they may be recognised by the three-star icon that appears next to them.

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