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Frequently Asked QuestionsSimon Jordan Net Worth 2022: Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Family , Wife...

Simon Jordan Net Worth 2022: Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Family , Wife & Much More

Today, we are going to discuss Simon Jordan Net Worth 2022: Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Family , Wife & Much More

Simon Jordan, who was born on September 24, 1967, became wealthy in the mobile phone sector. He bought Crystal Palace Football Club in 2000 and served as team chairman until the club went into administration in early 2010.

Early Years

On September 24, 1967, Simon Jordan, who is currently 53 years old, was born in Thornton, England. His father is Peter Jordan. Simon Jordan, a gifted young footballer, signed junior contracts with Chelsea and Crystal Palace. He has described himself as “well enough to be a professional, but mentally I wasn’t interested.” It’s normal to see players with exceptional talent but who don’t put in the necessary effort. They belonged to me. All of this happened while he was a student at Purley High School for Boys in Old Coulsdon. His father, Peter Jordan, used to play for Crystal Palace F.C., despite the fact that he never made an appearance for the first team.
In the late 1980s or early 1990s, he received an invitation from his buddy James Wright to join him in his business, Wright Connections, which sold mobile phones through adverts placed in Loot, Exchange, and Mart. Before changing their name to Corporate Cellular Ltd., Jordan and Wright operated a short-lived business in space they rented from a rival provider of mobile phones, Delta 5. (CCL). Since it was believed that the company would not be particularly successful either, Jordan left it in the early 1990s.This led to the stadium being bought by Steve Parish’s CPFC 2010 consortium at the same time that the partnership bought Crystal Palace F.C.

Simon Jordan’s estimated Net worth

Simon Jordan’s estimated net worth in 2022 is £50 million. A businessman from England provides him with funding. His main source of income comes from his private businesses. He ranks among the richest people in the UK. Simon Jordan has worked in a number of different fields. He has experience in the production of magazines, television, radio, and films, in addition to the sports industry. Jordan is one of the most well-known businesspeople in England and in football (soccer).

Personal Life of Simon Jordan

The kid that broadcaster and entrepreneur Simon Jordan and Michelle Dewberry had was born in July 2020. Jordan has resided in Marbella and London. However, according to a January 2006 report on the Daily Mirror website, Jordan had been seeing Meg Mathews (the ex-wife of Oasis singer Noel Gallagher) since July 2005 and had bought her a Porsche worth £100,000 for Christmas along with a personalised licence plate.
However, Jordan disclosed the details of how their romance ended in March 2006, admitting that Mathews had terminated things but criticising the News of the World for claiming the week before that Jordan had “ditched Mathews.” In his Observer column, Jordan described the incident as “the piece belittled someone who has been very significant to me over the last nine months.”
In October 2006, Jordan was the object of harassment, and Tara Stout was found responsible and issued a restraining order. Jordan and his ex-girlfriend Suzi Walker have a daughter by the name of Cameron, who was born in January 2008.

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Crystal Palace

Jordan and Briggs left the company after selling Pocket Phone Shop to One2One in 2000 for an estimated £80 million. Jordan was a gifted young footballer who earned schoolboy contracts with Chelsea and Crystal Palace. He has described himself as “well enough to be a professional, but mentally I wasn’t interested.” As the club’s youngest chairman in the Football League, Jordan elected himself club chairman. “My first objective is to turn the fortunes of this club around,” said Jordan, a devoted fan who was born “100 yards from the ground.” I’ve been willing to invest my money towards a cause I firmly believe in. Jordan added that the team would be promoted to the Premiership in five years.


Early in his Palace ownership, Simon Jordan had a reputation as a manager-killer. Steve Coppell (August 2000), Alan Smith (April 2001), Steve Bruce (November 2001), Trevor Francis (April 2003), and Steve Kember resigned between 2000 and 2003. (November 2003). Only Coppell and Bruce resigned, the former due to a personality dispute and the latter to a High Court case.

Iain Dowie was appointed in December 2003, and the club rose from the relegation zone to earn promotion in May 2004, beating West Ham United in the play-off final. This fulfilled Jordan’s goal of promotion within five years.

The club lasted just one season in the Premier League before being relegated in 2005. Dowie departed the club by mutual consent in May 2006 after realising he and Jordan had different goals. Dowie left Jordan at the end of the month to become the manager of Charlton Athletic. Jordan sued him, saying that he had lied about why he was leaving.

Peter Taylor was installed on June 13, 2006. His 16-month tenure ended on October 8, 2007. Jordan wanted Taylor to be remembered as a good Palace player, not a horrible manager. On October 11, he revealed Neil Warnock as the new manager, which didn’t surprise many because the two were friends.

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The pair had a spat after Warnock left the club to join QPR after the Eagles entered administration.

Dowie’s case in court

Simon Jordan won his High Court case against Dowie after Mr. Justice Tugendhat determined that Dowie had lied to get out of his Palace contract. Dowie was granted the right to file an appeal against that judgement, which allowed the Court of Appeal to hear it. Crystal Palace F.C. reached an out-of-court agreement with Dowie in April 2008.

Park Selhurst

Using an anonymous investment method, Jordan claimed to have paid Ron Noades £12 million for the freehold of Selhurst Park in October 2006. He stated that the “very, very difficult” relationship he had with Noades had made the obfuscation necessary. The Palace was now regarded as secure going forward. It was then discovered that the business, Selhurst Park Limited, which was owned by another company, had purchased the freehold.

The formal ownership was ultimately shown to be divided 60% in favour of Paul Kemsley and 40% in favour of a venture capital firm owned by HBOS. Since then, Jordan has made the freehold available for sale with the goal of regaining the property’s long lease. Although Jordan later consented to a 25-year lease for Selhurst Park, it was unclear what Simon Jordan’s true position was with the freehold.

Later, Selhurst Park Limited and Crystal Palace Football Club went into separate administrations.

Television and radio

Jordan’s first significant TV appearance, outside of football-related shows, occurred on the ITV series Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway in early 2007. He appeared with other millionaires such as Ann Summers, managing director Jacqueline Gold (daughter of West Ham chairman David Gold); entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne; MOBO Awards founder Kanya King; and former Conservative Member of Parliament-turned-novelist Jeffrey Archer). Jordan made an appearance on BBC Question Time in May 2019.

After starting a partnership with the top sports broadcaster, TalkSPORT, Simon Jordan began to appear on programmes alongside Danny Kelly and was nominated for sports pundit of the year in 2019. He joined Jim White on one of Talk Sport’s premier programmes in 2020 as a result of the success of his appearances. In 2006, Jordan executive produced and helped pay for the movie Sweeney Todd, which starred Ray Winstone and Tom Hardy.

Based on the stage production of Telstar, a movie about record producer Joe Meek was made by Jordan in 2008. The play of the same name that Jordan produced at London’s New Ambassadors Theatre served as the basis for the movie. The movie, which starred Kevin Spacey, James Corden, and JJ Feild, was entirely funded by Jordan. It opened in 45 theatres in the UK and sold out in 32 nations, receiving a largely positive response from reviewers.

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Be Careful What You Wish For, an autobiography that Jordan wrote, was published in 2012. The book covers his commercial success in the cell phone industry, but it mostly concentrates on his time as the chairman of Crystal Palace Football Club, when he was the youngest-ever owner of a professional football club.

The book, which was published by Random House and won an award at the British Sports Book Awards and placed in the finals of the William Hill Sports Awards, was a critical and economic success.


Simon Jordan is dating broadcaster and businesswoman Michelle Dewberry, and the two gave birth to a child in July 2020. Jordan has lived in London and Marbella. The Daily Mirror’s website, however, said in January 2006 that Jordan had given fiancée Meg Mathews (the ex-wife of Oasis singer Noel Gallagher) a Porsche worth £100,000 for Christmas, along with a personalised number plate, and that the two had been dating since July 2005.

However, Jordan revealed the specifics of how this relationship ended in March 2006, acknowledging that Mathews was the one who called it quits while criticising the News of the World for reporting the week prior that Jordan had “ditched Mathews.” “The piece belittled someone who has been very significant to me over the previous nine months,” Jordan wrote of the situation in his Observer column.

Jordan was the target of harassment in October 2006, and Tara Stout was found guilty and given a restraining order. Cameron was born in January 2008, and Jordan and his ex-girlfriend Suzi Walker share a daughter by that name.


Where did Simon Jordan get his money from?

Simon Jordan, a successful serial entrepreneur, built his wealth in the mobile phone industry from scratch. He sold The Pocket Phone Shop for £75 million when he was 32 years old.

How did Simon Jordan lose his wealth?

But after a terrible nine months that saw his corporate empire crumble, Jordan is now putting it all back together. At the age of 32, he sold his mobile business for £75 million before losing almost everything and becoming a multi-millionaire.

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