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CelebritySilvana Mojica: Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend, family, career and net worth

Silvana Mojica: Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend, family, career and net worth

Today, we are going to discuss Silvana Mojica: Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend, family, career and net worth

Silvana Mojica, the founder of Barstool Sports, is Dave Portnoy’s current girlfriend. The internet sensation recently said that he and his Colombian companion had been spending a lot of time together. By reading on, you will learn everything there is to know about Silvana’s life and her developing relationship with Dave Portnoy.

Here’s everything you need to know about Silvana Mojica

Dave’s girlfriend, Silvana Mojica, is a working model. She’s in her twenties right now, according to her LinkedIn profile. She works for a Miami-based clothing and fashion company as a social media marketing assistant. Before relocating to Miami, Mojica worked in Atlanta and Orlando. She went to Valencia College before she got her BA in Marketing from Florida State University.

Age Difference Between Dave Portnoy and His Girlfriend

Silvana Mojica is David Portnoy’s partner, and they are about 20 years apart in age. The couple is a good example of how age is no bar to love. David founded the sports and pop culture company, Barstool Sports. Silvana’s precise age is not known, and her birthdate is still a mystery.

Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend, Claire Jacobs

Massachusetts native Dave Portnoy, who founded the blog network Barstool Sports, is best known for creating content for the general public’s sports fan base. Former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Shannon St. Clair also has a link to the world of professional sports. The owner of the Shooting Star Archery Academy in Pipersville, Pennsylvania is Donata Lynch.

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Silvana Mojica, Who Are You?

When we brought up the most recent episode of The Dave Portnoy Show With Eddie & Co., he let some personal secrets go, including some admissions about their current partner. “You ask me about Sylvana every week, so I spend a lot of time with her,” he said. She also said that when she ages, she loses her desire to unwind. A video of him and his girlfriend was also released by him. In addition, Portnoy found Mojica in March of the previous campaign.

When the two were found and seen together in a few places, there were at first rumours that they were dating. One crucial piece of information was one of many that supported the report. The few also have a safe haven outside in the Brickell neighborhood’s Komodo nightclub, part of Magic City. Additionally, he disseminated a few of the breath-taking images he posted on social media.
Every one of their supporters is anticipating the official confirmation of Portnov and Mojika’s relationship. Anyone who is curious about Silvana Mojica can do so by following her on Instagram. 217 other records keep track of her. Watch your own telecast for updates and extra information.

David Portnoy’s girlfriend’s professional life

Silvan is a young woman with talent and beauty, as evidenced by her online presence. After graduating, she started working at UnCommon Fashion as a Junior Account Manager. Prior to moving on to another firm called Scream as an account executive in November 2018, this position lasted roughly five months.

When did Silvana and Dave begin dating?

In March of last year, Portnoy and Mojica first started dating. When Page Six published pictures of the two together in Miami at the beginning of March, it was assumed that they were dating.

At the popular bar Komodo in the Brickell neighbourhood, Dave and Silvana enjoyed a night out. After their night out, she eventually uploaded pictures of the couple to social media. Observant followers assumed the two of them were dating at that very moment.

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History and early years

Although she has gone by the name Silvana, her real name is Silvana Mojica. Her personal information is unclear because she has kept very quiet and private about her personal life. She is presently a Miami resident. Silvana Mojica, who has kept her family’s identity a secret, is of mixed descent. Only Valeria Mojica, her sister, has been given a name.

On April 8, 1995, she was born in Colombia, a country in South America. Prior to going to Valencia College for high school in 2014, she attended West Orange High School. In 2016, she also graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Florida State University.

Sally Mojica, Have you ever used Instagram?

The answer to the previous query is categorically yes. Like most models in the entertainment industry, Silvana has an Instagram account. She had 142 postings as of the time of this writing on her Instagram feed.

Mojica has 219k followers on Instagram, a social media website. Her bio reads, “May your real life be as good as it is on Instagram.” According to her Instagram bio, she is also a brand ambassador for the clothing company Fashion Nova.

Dave Portnoy and Silvana Mojica’s net worth

Most of her money comes from being a professional model. Her estimated net worth is $500,000. She makes the majority of her money via endorsements and part-time gigs.
The girlfriend of American internet sensation Dave Portnoy is Silvana Mojica (The Teal Mango).

On the other hand, Dave Portnoy is worth $120 million. He made his money as the founder of digital sports juggernaut Barstool Sports, and the majority of his income comes from sponsorship deals.

Silvana Mojica’s boyfriend Dave Portnoy

An Internet entrepreneur, sports media personality, and Internet celebrity in the United States is Dave Portnoy. Most of his fame came from starting Barstool Sports, the largest digital sports company.
After graduating in 1999, Portnoy relocated to Boston and started working at Yankee Group, a company that conducts IT market research. After four years, Portnoy departed the Yankee Group in order to launch Barstool Sports.

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In 2003, Dave started Barstool Sports as a print magazine for the Boston metropolitan area. The newspaper featured sports journalism, gaming advertisements, and fantasy sports predictions. The site went up in 2007. Over the next ten years, Barstool would become a surprising sports media powerhouse.

Dave is known online as “El Presidente” or “Stool Presidente.” The website features both hot women and caustic sports news. The company’s image has been compared to “ESPN and Girls Gone Wild.” Given that BarstoolSports is one of the most well-liked sports websites on the internet right now, this pairing is obviously successful.
“One Bite with Davey Pageviews” is a pizza review series that Portnoy started in 2017. The show’s unstated objective is to assess each and every pizzeria in Manhattan.

Portnoy gave $500,000 to The Barstool Fund in 2020, a COVID-19 pandemic relief effort for small companies. As of May 2021, the campaign had raised over $39.1 million for 348 companies.


Who is Silvana Mojica?

Everything You Need to Know About Dave Portnoy’s Girlfriend, Silvana Mojica

Dave Portnoy, the creator of Barstool Sports, has a new girlfriend named Silvana Mojica. The social media star recently said that he had been spending a lot of time with his Colombian lover lately.

How much does Dave Portnoy make?

Dave Portnoy’s net worth was approximately $120 million as of October 2022. This is what? Dave Portnoy, an American businessman and prominent figure in sports media, amassed his fortune as the creator of Barstool Sports.In 2003, he started Barstool Sports as a print magazine.

Why did Dave and Renee break up?

They were finally engaged in 2008 and married the following year after waiting three hard years. During their nine years of marriage, Renee handled Dave’s business matters in secret. The devoted couple would separate after news broke of Dave’s liaison with Jordyn Hamilton.

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