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Should You Remove Elara App? How Do You Remove The App In Easy Steps?



Should You Remove Elara App?

Today, we are going to discuss Should You Remove Elara App? How Do You Remove The App In Easy Steps?

A lot of Windows users have found that the Elara software is generating a lot of system problems. They assert that the software made it impossible for users to log off or turn off their laptops.

“ApntEX.exe” has been the subject of numerous inquiries. It was found in the task manager. The procedure was unquestionably a part of the Elara application.

If you’ve experienced the same problem, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll talk about how to remove the Elara application.

What Does The Elara Application Actually Do?

Usually found on Dell, Toshiba, and Sony laptops, the Elara application is a pre-installed touchpad driver programme. Since maintaining the functionality of a touchscreen is its primary role, this programme is only accessible on laptops.

A Japanese electronic business by the name of Alps Electric Co. created this programme. Additionally, the business sells a range of equipment to Sony, Dell, and Toshiba.

The main application, Apntex.exe, runs in the background. It is an executable file that is usually found in a directory called C:Program FilesApoint2k.

On the left is where you’ll find the task manager. Is Malware in the Elara Application?

This application’s main objective is to make it easier for drivers to use touchpads. People often think this application is a virus, though, because it fixes the problem in an odd way by shutting down, logging in, and logging out.

The background-running nature of the operation and the lack of a graphical user interface for this programme are the additional causes for this. Because of this, people often wonder where the programme came from and worry that it could hurt their computers.

Although it is true that the original Elara programme is primarily used to support the touchscreen, it is not an infection. It’s possible that malware will replace or infiltrate the application. This happens after you install the executable files from outside sources.

Determining if you are using the authentic Elara application or malware is crucial.

Please take note:

  • Your computer will be more secure and keep you informed of any questionable files, including the Elara app, if you activate Windows security.
  • There are many reasons to love Windows Defender, the built-in antivirus programme that Microsoft has been working hard to improve in recent months.
  • Malware can’t get into your computer if you have a firewall, a real-time security system, and cloud-based protection.
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Do You Still Refuse to Believe in Windows Defender?

I would advise looking at TotalAV if you think Windows defence is insufficient to protect your machine from viruses and malware.

TotalAV is a user-friendly antivirus that provides the most recent malware protection. It is a free antivirus programme with almost all of Windows Defender’s functions, but it does not provide real-time protection.

The Premium edition, which offers complete security, is better than Windows Defender. The premium upgrade, which costs between $70 and $90, has several alternatives.

Why Is Windows Prevented From Shutting Down by the Elara App?

Users who have Elara software running in the background can experience problems when shutting down or logging in and out.

We are unable to attribute this problem to the Elara programme. Errors could be caused by installing software you don’t trust, small hardware problems, drivers that are out of date, and many other things.

Elara’s background processes might not be able to be closed by Windows during shutdown, which might contribute to shutdown failure.

A programme will typically prevent your windows from closing if it is determined by the operating system to be vulnerable to attack. In this case, the OS will alert users to the dangerous background task.

It’s not the Elara programme; instead, you should disable this Elara driver or update it to the latest version, as advised by your operating system. You should remove the Elara application and check the results if the problem persists.

Can the Elara application be deactivated?

I’d like to let you know that the Elara programme can be disabled or deleted. However, the touchpad on your laptop may stop working as a result of this removal.

Instead, follow the guidance I’ve provided in this article for registry modification. Manu users who used this approach are still pleased with how well the problem was solved.

You can also entirely uninstall the Elara application from your PC and test the touchpad’s functionality. If your touchpad is giving you trouble, restart the drivers and do a full restore.

Eliminate the Elara app from your device

To remove the Elara app from your computer:

  • Use the controls on the menu bar at the top to choose features and programs.
  • In the list of installed programmes, look for the Elara application software.
  • Select the programme and click Uninstall if it has already been installed.
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If you can’t find the Elara application on the list of installed programs, you might want to try one of these three things:

  • Elara application for temporary suspension
  • Set the Elara application to automatically delete it.
  • Update the touchpad’s driver.
  • the application of Elara’s total demise.

How Can I Quickly Close the Elara App?

To temporarily stop the Elara app from working, you need to follow the simple steps.

It’s still worthwhile to check to see if Elara or another programme is preventing Windows from shutting down.

Take the steps outlined below;

  • Click “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to launch the Task Manager.
  • To view the list of background-running programmes, choose “Process” from the “Process” menu.
  • From that list, select ” ApntEX.exe”.
  • To temporarily close the Elara application, select ” End Task.”

How Do I Make Elara Automatically Remove?

Using a registry editor, you may programme your computer to automatically uninstall the Elara application. Although it isn’t a safe choice, doing so will enable the removal of all the software that prevents your PC from shutting down.

Before making any changes, you must have an archive of your Windows registry. The mistakes can be fixed. It will, however, make you work harder if you decide not to change your registration.

It’s a method to get rid of viruses from your PC that has a high risk-to-reward ratio. This procedure necessitates system scans using credible antivirus software, such as Windows Defender, TotalAV, and Avast, to name a few.

  • Press Windows + R to open the ” Run” dialogue box.
  • After typing “Regedit,” hit the Enter key or click “OK.”
  • The current user’s “SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun” address should contain the registry editor.
  • Navigate to “HKLEY CURRENT USERControl PanelDesktop” on your computer.
  • When you are in the left panel, you can right-click and select the New tab. Then choose DWORD (32-bit). Then, choose New >> DWORD (32 bit) by performing a right-click on the panel.
  • Set AutoEndTasks as the value name and 1 as the value data.
  • Keep the hexadecimal base for the radio button.
  • Then press “OK.”

Then, that’s it; close the Windows registry editor and check to see if the change worked; if so, there won’t be any issues when Windows shuts down.

How Do I Update The Driver For The Touchpad?

Install the most recent Windows updates, then try installing the touchpad driver to see whether it resolves the Elara application that keeps the computer from closing down.

You can check for updates and then apply all of the OS updates you feel are required.

Go to the device management and choose the input device ELAN under “Mice and other devices for pointing” to update the touchpad driver for.

If Synaptics PS2 is displayed as an option for the ELAN input device depending on the laptop model, make sure to update the.

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 How Can The Elara App Be Removed From Safe Mode With Networking?

It takes two steps to accomplish this process: First, start your computer with the network enabled, and then scan it with TOTAL AV or another reputable antivirus program.

Step 1 (Apply Safe Boot using networking)

Two approaches are available for finishing this first phase. First (using system configuration).

  • Type MSConfig into the RUN dialogue box after it opens.
  • This will launch the Windows System Configuration window.
  • Click repeatedly on the Boot tab. Then look for the Safe Boot option on the boot menu.
  • Select the network from the safe boot menu.
  • Be careful not to click “Apply.”

(The substitute strategy)

  • While on your login screen, press the power button. Push “Shift” and “Shift” together after that.
  • Press “Restart.”
  • Select the Start setting under Troubleshoot Advanced options.
  • You can select “Enable safe mode using networking” under “Startup options” when your computer starts up.

After completing this step, you must delete the files connected to the infection. You need to obtain a trustworthy anti-malware programme to accomplish this.

You can use an internet browser to download as long as you are connected to the network and in a state that lets you.

We advise you to perform a thorough system scan using a reliable anti-malware tool, such as Total AVG and Kaspersky Total Security. When the antivirus programme does a malware scan and finds ELara, it will remove the Elara application.


Be careful that since Elara is a pre-installed programme in Windows, removing or deactivating it can interfere with touchpad operations. Make sure you have a backup mouse.

However, Windows 10 already includes effective touchpad drivers, so no additional applications beyond those provided by the device’s manufacturer are required.

However, you need to make sure the Windows 10 version is being used right now before you completely remove the Elara application. I’m hoping that this tutorial will help you resolve the problem and then uninstall the Elara programme from your Windows.


How do I get rid of Elara App?

Remove Elara from your computer.

Type “Control Panel” into the Start menu to launch it. Click on Uninstall a Program under Programs. The choice is to uninstall the application. Windows 10 is kept from shutting down by Elara.

How can I stop a programme from closing Windows 11?

“This software is stopping you from restarting or shutting down,” says Windows 11.

  • Input MSConfig using the Windows + R keys, and then click OK.
  • Click Hide Microsoft Services under the Services tab.
  • Then select Disable All.
  • Click Open Task Manager under the Program Startup tab.
  • Turn off each program, one at a time.

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