EntertainmentSeattle Zombie Woman Mystery Finally Solved - Watch Here

Seattle Zombie Woman Mystery Finally Solved – Watch Here

If you’ve seen “The Seattle Zombie Woman,” the infamous viral video, you’re probably still shaking. You should count yourself lucky if you haven’t seen it already.

Video of a Seattle zombie woman

A popular TikTok video of a woman who appeared to be in terrible suffering was seen stumbling through the streets of Seattle in May 2021.
She was bleeding, wailing, and appeared to be asking for assistance.

The woman was also oddly holding something that appeared to be bloodied that was wrapped in a t-shirt.

With the exception of a few areas of luxuriant dark hair, her head was mostly shaven.

uploaded by Nick Crowley to YouTube.

Did she experience severe abuse? Drugs? Was she afflicted by a mental condition?

Anyone who watched the video was just left in a state of astonishment and confusion. It’s interesting that no explanation for what was happening in this video could be uncovered.
It initially appeared to be a very well-crafted zombie apocalypse prank, but once the Seattle Police Department arrived, it became very evident that this situation was…real.

  • The internet is unclear as to what the situation actually was.
  • Here is the first version of the popular Seattle Zombie Woman video.
  • A few more recordings of the event and the audio from the officer’s body cam films make it hard to tell what is real and what is made up.
  • Nobody told the police about the hoax if it was one.

There hasn’t been a single piece of information on the Seattle Zombie Woman or the scenario since the video went viral.

Nothing about this incident was reported on Seattle’s local news, and there was no mention of it in the neighborhood publications.

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“While there was a worry for her safety on a global scale, her identity and the specifics of the incident would rapidly disappear online. “The Seattle Zombie Woman is how the case is currently known.”

We may finally have some answers thanks to some amazing and tenacious online research.

Seattle Zombie Woman Kimberly Kassai

The Seattle Zombie Woman event has been the subject of investigation for more than a year, but it seems that one astute detective, Rebecca MS, has solved the case.

Kimberly Kassai’s social media presence was discovered by Rebecca.

In one of the photos she shared, Kassai is wearing makeup that looks exactly like the Seattle Zombie Woman from the popular TikTok video.

I’m not your lab rat, according to Kassai’s photo caption.

The bodycam video from Rebecca MS of the incident and the officer’s inquiry is shown below.

Kassai’s zombie incident was apparently a political protest of some kind.

We have never in our lives felt so relieved following a protest.

You can see the entire account of the Seattle Zombie Woman below and draw your own conclusions.

It’s Not the Murder House

After Lizzie Borden was cleared of the deaths of her father and stepmother on August 4, 1892, she bought Maplecroft, which is now once more up for sale. Built-in 1889, it was the pinnacle of opulence for Fall River’s elite at the time. Lizzie had always desired this beloved Highlands mansion, but her wealthy father, the notorious skinflint Andrew Borden, refused to purchase it for his family. In September 1893, Lizzie, who was then known as Lizbeth Borden, bought the house at 306 French Street. She gave it the name “Maplecroft” and had it carved into the stone steps.

In 2018, it was the last sold

The house was held by a Fall River resident for many years, who frequently listed it for sale at a premium price despite its deteriorating state at the time. It was eventually sold to Texas resident Kristee Lee Bates in November 2014 with plans to renovate it and reopen it as a bed and breakfast akin to the Second Street residence where the killings took place. She paid $494,000 for it but spent significantly more on repairs and furnishings before relisting it in September 2017 for $849,900. Donald Woods and Lee-ann Wilber, owners and managers of the Second Street bed and breakfast, paid $600,000 for it in February 2018—$500,000 for the house and $100,000 for the furnishings, which was $99,000 less than the then-current asking price. A similar operation was anticipated at Maplecroft.

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The B&B Plan Never Happened, But the Ghosts Appeared

The $50,000 of repair work required to get Maplecroft ready to become a bed and breakfast was impeded by bad storms that hit right after the 2018 sale. Ryan Woods moved in to oversee the property and started the restoration work, but there were a number of problems that prevented it from being available to the public. In the end, it was rented out for private parties and rentals, including ghost hunting. In a March 2019 episode of the popular Travel Channel series Kindred Spirits, a paranormal investigation of Maplecroft was covered.

The Ornate Decor Is a Tribute to Lizzie

Lizbeth Borden lived in Maplecroft from the time she was purchased in 1893 until her death in 1927; in fact, she died there. Lizbeth spent a lot of time at her beloved Maplecroft because she was not accepted by the “proper” society of the city she had long wished to be a part of because the majority of Fall River’s elite believed she was guilty of the Borden murders.

Maplecroft Became Lizzie’s Party Palace

Instead, Lizbeth developed a romantic interest in celebrities and frequently hosted expensive parties at Maplecroft for the era’s leading actors and actresses. Some even stayed for extended stretches of time, and there were reports that Lizbeth was seeing actress Nance O’Neil. It is believed that as a result, Emma, Lizzie’s sister, who had lived with Lizzie all of her childhood, moved out in 1905 and the two sisters never talked again.

The home hosted Lizzie’s wake

The wake for Lizbeth Borden was held in the Maplecroft parlor when she passed away from pneumonia at the age of 68.

She Donated a Portion of Her Wealth to Animals.

Because Lizbeth had a deep affection for animals, trust was established in her will to aid the Fall River animal shelter. It is still receiving money from that trust over 90 years later.

 Maplecroft 10

The entire house is accentuated with walnut, and it has lovely parquet floors throughout. There is walnut wainscoting in some of the rooms, while period-appropriate wallpaper is used in others.

Warm Up by the Fire

In Maplecroft, there are six fireplaces, each of which is equally beautiful and useful. Just as they would have in 1893, you could heat your house throughout the winter.

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Suzanne St. John, Century 21 The Seyboth Team via Realtor.com

Your Window to the World

It was Kristee Bates’ “Seance Room” when she owned Maplecroft, and she had a crystal ball set up in front of the window. Today, it’s the ideal place to have your morning coffee while looking out at the neighborhood below or an inspiring place to put up your laptop and work from home.

There are antique fixtures in the four bathrooms

After the trial, Lizzie Borden must have insisted on indoor plumbing for her new home. Despite the fact that indoor toilets were a standard fixture in homes by that time, her father, Andrew, a reputed miser, refused to put one in their Second Street residence. The four Borden family members and their maid, Bridget, continued to utilize an outhouse.

A Retro-Inspired Kitchen with Modern Appeal

The Maplecroft kitchen has all the modern amenities while appearing to have been transported back in time to the early 20th century, from the double sink to the magnificent gas burner. Even the ceiling is made of tin.

The Wraparound Porch Might Be Your Favorite Part

The Maplecroft offers approximately 4,000 square feet of living space, so whoever buys it will have plenty of room. However, the wraparound porch’s comfort can turn it into your three-season retreat. There is also a back porch that is outside.

Even a carriage house is present

There is a large carriage house that can accommodate two automobiles, as well as lots of off-street parking. Bonus: If you want to build a little guest house separately in case guests are scared of the ghosts in the main house, this is a fantastic location.

Move Into Maplecroft Today

For the asking price of $890,000, you may own Maplecroft right now, completely furnished. On the official listing page or by getting in touch with the realtor, Suzanne St. John directly, you can view additional pictures or take a 3D virtual tour. Why are you holding out? We guarantee that even though you will be the only person “living” in the house, you will never truly be alone. Lizzie is standing by to meet you.

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