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Entertainment(Scans Updated 2022) Attack on Titan New Spoilers and Leaks from Volume...

(Scans Updated 2022) Attack on Titan New Spoilers and Leaks from Volume 34 Extra Pages

It has been reported that Attack on Titan Volume 34 will have a number of extra pages that were not made available with the conclusion to the book, and they will continue the plot where the contentious Chapter 139 left off. Well, some fans were satisfied with the manga’s conclusion, while others weren’t, but if these reports are accurate, there will be an unwelcome war.
Although Volume 34 of the Attack on Titan manga will be released in June 2021, there have already been numerous leaks of additional pages. This makes the leaks more trustworthy because they originate from the same source that previously published monthly Attack on Titan manga spoilers. You can read the leaks below, but even though they might come from a reliable source, we decline responsibility.

The spoiled information is:

  • Mikasa is married and has a child now.
  • Mikasa visits Eren’s grave with her child and husband.
  • It’s confirmed Mikasa’s husband is Jean.
  • Also, Paradis Island was destroyed because of the war.
  • And the titan powers from the world have not disappeared.
  • Mikasa meets Ymir while holding Eren’s severed head.
  • Mikasa and Ymir have a little conversation that ends with Ymir fading away.
  • Mikasa visits Eren’s grave in a wheelchair when she is old. (Second Picture)
  • Source – Zekken (Chinese Leaker)

Everything is ludicrous when viewed through these leaks. While some fans think it’s just a prank, others find it hard to accept. And, for the love of God, if these leaks are accurate, this will undoubtedly result in the largest controversy in the anthology’s history.

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Since there is still some time before Attack on Titan manga volume 34 is out, we will have to wait before learning more about what is actually happening.

You may keep up with us at AnimeTroop until then for more information and news about the spoilers for your favourite anime and manga series.

1. Mikasa Visits Eren’s Grave with Her ‘Husband’

Mikasa is pictured visiting Eren’s grave with a guy and a child in one of the panels. According to various internet rumors, the man is Mikasa’s husband.Unexpectedly, fans think that it’s Jean!

Many admirers assume this based on the man’s hairdo, which resembles Jean’s, and even the contour of his face, which is strikingly similar to Jean’s.

Mikasa, Eren, and Jean were trending topics on Twitter for a while as a result of that panel. What do you think of this panel, guys?

2. Armin Parts Ways with Annie

The bonus pages of Attack on Titan Chapter 139 also depict Armin breaking up with Annie. Some internet leaks claim that Armin wanted children, but Annie disagreed because she despises kids.

They made the decision to separate after the discussion. This one is still up for debate, though, as the only leaks we’ve seen so far are merely texts.

3. A Kid Who Looks Like Mikasa

An unknown child who resembles Mikasa and a dog can also be seen visiting Eren’s grave in one of the panels from the Attack on Titan Chapter 139 bonus pages.

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The tree where Eren is buried allegedly also possesses the power of the sleeping giants, yet there has been no further information provided about this power.

4. Mikasa Passes Away Wearing Eren’s Scarf

Despite being married to Jean, Mikasa continues to demonstrate her “loyalty” to Eren. One of the panels depicts her wearing the scarf Eren gave her as she is laid to rest.

5. Dilapidated Buildings on Paradis Island

The additional pages from Attack on Titan Chapter 139 also depict Paradis Island’s tall structures as destroyed by the conflict. The situation on the island, however, is not further explained.

I think it’s likely that the Marley-Paradis fight went on for many years after Eren’s passing. Does that imply Eren’s efforts were for naught?

These were the leaks for Chapter 139 of Attack on Titan, Volume 34, which included the additional pages. Remember that all of these are only speculations and that the information we have comes from leaks, so don’t take them too seriously. What do you guys think, though?

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