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TechnologySamsung to introduce Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce Now to 2022 smart TVs

Samsung to introduce Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce Now to 2022 smart TVs

With a focus on the ability to operate renowned game streaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now, and more, Samsung is releasing new support for its older, 2021-released smart TVs. This action follows the prior exclusive usage of 2022 Samsung smart TVs, which were first allowed access to these services.

With the advent of numerous services from gaming businesses that focus on cloud accessibility, it is now possible to stream games directly to television without the use of consoles or other devices.

Samsung 2021 Smart TVs: Game Streaming Services Now Available

In a press release, Samsung stated that the much-anticipated cloud-based game streaming capability will be available on its 2021 smart TVs. It would enable owners of earlier models of smart TVs to download the app for their favourite cloud gaming services from other providers.
Only the 2022 models and releases of Samsung smart TVs were permitted to be purchased.

Samsung recently increased its capacity to operate on older smartphones without specialised streaming hardware for public access.

Where to Access Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce Now, and MORE

Samsung’s Smart Hub, which is centred on its App Store and offers programmes for download, allows users to access and download game streaming apps. It includes apps like Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Nvidia GeForce Now, all of which are free to download and use with existing or new subscriptions.

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Samsung Smart TV Development

Recent early Black Friday sales have included considerable reductions on Samsung’s newest smart TVs, with the firm’s technology at the forefront of the deals. A decent device for an upgrade on the display in a house or office was recently made available by Best Buy at a big price.

It is advised to purchase technology during these significant deals because, more often than not, these are the most recent smart devices from tech businesses with significant price cuts.

Smart TVs may stand alone and utilise their internal functions, as well as download apps for a user’s needs, so they are more than just locations to watch cables or connect a streaming device. One such would be Samsung’s most recent integration of the new Google Meet UI into smart TVs, which allows users to use their enormous display for video conferencing.

The term “smart” already speaks for itself in contemporary gadgets, including products from the renowned South Korean tech giant, whose televisions have a strong preference for display technology. For individuals who wish to experience game streaming despite not owning a console, the most recent addition of the apps from Xbox, Nvidia, Amazon, and more is important.

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