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GamingRoblox 's "death sound" was removed from the platform

Roblox ‘s “death sound” was removed from the platform

Users will no longer hear the infamous “oof” due to legal issues.

Roblox is one of the largest platforms in the world and although it is managed with a low profile, the number of users and creatives who contribute in different ways counts in the millions. The growth of the Roblox Corporation proposal has led to adapting its system according to the laws to ensure that the use of content is in order and this has resulted in the disappearance of one of its most infamous sounds.


To non- Roblox players, the aural expression “oof” means nothing, but to the Roblox community it’s nothing more and nothing less than the “sound of death.” Yeah, it reads impressive, but it’s actually the sound that players adopted to indicate a character’s death, so every time this happened, the infamous “oof” was heard until it became an audio content related to Roblox and its creative and player scene. However, the recent changes applied to the platform have completely cut everything that had to do with this sound.

Through a message on the Roblox Twitter account, Roblox Corporation reported changes in the availability and use of sounds for the platform, which will be available in the avatar store as is the case with skins.

In this regard, the company reported: “Our roadmap includes the ability to add sounds by obtaining them directly from the creators and licensors. Users will also be able to customize the sounds of their avatars in the same way that they customize clothing. In relation to the sounds, due to a licensing issue, we have removed the “oof” sound and created a replacement default sound that is released today. We plan to expand our avatar store with a wide range of old and new sounds in the future. More information to come soon. come over this.”

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Thus, the end of an era in Roblox has come and as of today, the sound of death will no longer be the one known for years.

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