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PUBG New State Sept. 2022 Akinta Map, AK Alfa, Survivor Pass Vol. 11, and McLaren for Android and iOS

New State Mobile’s September Update was disclosed by Krafton Inc. Both Android and iOS have the update available. The newest 44-kilometer map, AKINTA, is now available to players as of the most recent release. The September Update includes AKINTA, a futuristic African-themed game, as well as a new partnership with McLaren Automotive, an extension term for NEW STATE Labs, a new weapon, and other things.

Here’s the breakdown of New State Mobile’s latest September update

Akinta map:

Akinta is a 4×4 km map with a near-future, folkloric African setting. this is a place where up to 64 players can drop in and participate in an intense battle royale round that can last up to 15 minutes per round. The Maglev tram, a brand-new mode of transportation that runs through the heart of the area, is also available to players.

McLaren cosmetics: 

A variety of cosmetic pieces, including an outfit, helmet, backpack, gloves, hat, sneakers, mask, and patch, are being brought by the British supercar manufacturer to New State Mobile. Additionally, if players fulfil the mission objective, they can take part in an event where survivors can win the McLaren 720S vehicle skin. Volcano Yellow, Paris Blue, Royal Purple, Fever Pink, and Black and White are some of the skin tones of the vehicle.


Players can now continue testing out the Akinta: Bounty Royale game throughout the NEW STATE Labs period. With the September Update, no invitation is needed for any player to use NEW STATE Labs.

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Gunplay Updates

The AK-Alfa, a brand-new weapon, will be unveiled in version 0.9.39. When compared to the other firearms in New York State, this assault rifle has the highest damage per shot. The Alfa may be customised with a muzzle, sight, grip, and magazine. It fires 7.62mm ammunition.

In addition, the Kar98 now has a long barrel, modified SMGs now do less long-range damage, and the S1897 now has a faster muzzle velocity. A few other items, including the Poison Grenade and the Grenade Launcher, were also tweaked.

New Collaboration: McLaren

Once more, working together with McLaren, PUBG New State will introduce the stunning 7205Spider to the game. By successfully completing McLaren objectives, players can obtain a variety of rewards. No one wants to miss out on this experience.

Survivor Pass

With the help of this update, players will be able to access volume 11 of the Survivor Pass, which features Vanessa from the Mayhem Faction. After completing the necessary story missions, her attire and look will be revealed.


Is New State Tencent?

Krafton has created a brand-new game called PUBG: New State for iOS and Android. Since the new game is being created by KRAFTON, Inc. and PUBG Studio, it is more likely that Indian fans may play it in the future than the old one, which was prohibited in India since it was made by Tencent.

Is new state ban in India?

A futuristic battle royale smartphone game similar to PUBG called New State Mobile is set a few years in the future. Since Krafton made and released the game on its own, without help from a third party like Tencent, it is unlikely that New State Mobile will be banned.

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