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GamingPS5 will finally receive a feature highly requested by players in the...

PS5 will finally receive a feature highly requested by players in the next update

The news is now available for members of the software Beta program.

PlayStation 5 debuted without attractive features that it has received little by little through updates. Sony is already working on the next improvements that it will implement in its next-generation console, so it listened to some of the most recurring requests from players.

Thanks to this, the console will finally receive a highly requested option: native support for 1440p screens, a very popular resolution in gaming monitors. We know that this option was not enabled at launch as Sony preferred to focus on the gaming experience on televisions.

After many months of waiting, the support will arrive through the next update along with other interesting news. The add-ons are currently only available to members of the software’s Beta program, which is currently not active in Latin American countries.


The main novelty is the 1440p HDMI video output, which will allow gamers to get the most out of their compatible gaming monitors and televisions. Native support will be activated when the game and the computer support that resolution.

This option will also offer players enhanced anti-aliasing via supersampling if playing a title at a higher native resolution, i.e. 4K. There will be a new option in the settings menu, under the Display and Video section, to test the video output at 1440p.

Sony wants gamers to have their collection of titles tidier as well, so it’s adding playlists. From the library, it will be possible to create lists, give them names and add 100 titles to each of them. You can create 15 game lists in total and thus order titles whether digital, disc or streaming.

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As if that were not enough, there will be a new option related to audio that will allow you to compare the difference between stereo and 3D on the same screen. Sony will also make adjustments to make it easier to access ongoing activities when resuming a game.


The news does not stop there, because Sony also wants to improve the social section of its system. To do this, you’ll add an option to ask members of a group to share their screens. Additionally, players will now be notified when they join a party or a member is enjoying a joinable title.

Changes will be made so that a new friend’s profile can be viewed when accepting a friend request. Finally, stickers and voice messages can be sent to groups from Game Base. At the time of this writing, there is no date for the release of the update at a general level.

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