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GamingPS Plus Extra, Premium Lose Five PS4 Games on 15th November

PS Plus Extra, Premium Lose Five PS4 Games on 15th November

On November 15, five PlayStation 4 (PS4) games will no longer be available for the PlayStation Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium tiers.

New games are anticipated to replace these ones once they are removed from the service. Due to this, there are only a little over two weeks left for current subscribers to enjoy the titles available in the “Extra” and “Premium” levels.

These “Extra” and “Premium” PS4 Games From PS Plus Are Departing This November

According to the most recent rumour from Push Square, starting on November 15, PS Plus will substitute its Premium and Extra choices for five PS4 games.
It’s important to note that the Japanese tech juggernaut Sony keeps its PS Plus game expiration dates a secret. On its blog, it discusses upcoming games, but it is silent on games that are due to expire.

But happily, this time, a Reddit user with keen eyes discovered that certain PS4 games were saying goodbye in less than two weeks.

The research from Push Square points out that it is difficult to determine when these games expire. To find out which games are leaving the subscription service, players must laboriously browse through each listing of available games.

Because of this, you can skip the section where you have to go through PS Plus’s list of games.The entire Mafia trilogy appears to be leaving the service on November 15. Mafia: Definitive Edition, Mafia II: Definitive Edition, and Mafia III: Definitive Edition are all included.

Having said that, you only have a little over 14 days to play the Mafia trilogy.

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The third week of the month also marks the end of “MXGP 2021: The Official Motocross Videogame” and “Ride 4” in addition to these Mafia remasters.

Red Dead Redemption has been removed from PS Plus and PS Now so that it is only available on Xbox on modern consoles.

Free PS Plus Games for November 2022

In the meantime, a news report by Comic Book Gaming claims that Sony has begun releasing its PS Plus roster of free titles this November.
Notably, the first Tuesday of each month is when the renowned gaming behemoth normally distributes its free PS Plus games. However, it happens to be on November 1. As a result, it enables subscribers to play new game releases before anyone else.

Games like “LEGO Harry Potter Collection,” “Heavenly Bodies,” and “Nioh 2” are now available for download by subscribers.

Sony has not yet revealed which titles will be available at the Extra and Premium tiers.

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