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Frequently Asked QuestionsPloxia Review Update 2022 – Is Ploxia a Scam?

Ploxia Review Update 2022 – Is Ploxia a Scam?

Today, we are going to discuss Ploxia Review Update 2022 – Is Ploxia a Scam?

Ploxia Review 2022

Ploxia may be able to increase your Instagram engagement—or may it not?

The majority of marketers use their Instagram performance as one factor in determining their success.

Performance on this social media site includes actions like following and unfollowing, liking, commenting, watching videos, and sending direct messages.

Engagement on Instagram should be used to draw visitors to your website.

As a result, your followers must be engaged and motivated by what you have to offer.

They must therefore be the target.

Finding a business that can assist you with this kind of targeted interaction is more difficult than you may imagine.

Even though it could appear straightforward, there are relatively few trustworthy businesses that can significantly alter your account in a way that both pays off and is secure.

Ploxia Service Comparison

Ploxia Top Alternative
Organic Growth No Yes
Personal Manager No Yes
Proxy Support No Yes
Real Followers No Yes
Real Likes No Yes

Many of the scams you may encounter today are only looking to steal your personal information or turn a fast profit.
You can watch your Instagram grow if you look in the correct areas.

I aim to provide my readers with the finest experience possible by letting them know where to look.

What they do, who they are, how much it costs to use their services, and whether or not they pose a risk to your Instagram account will all be covered in this review of Ploxia.

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What is Ploxia?

A self-processing Instagram bot called Proxia is made to take care of tasks on your behalf when it comes to things like liking, commenting, following, and unfollowing other users.

Being a self-described Instagram bot, in essence, makes them a target for Instagram to catch them employing bot technology to engage, which, while not illegal, is nevertheless against their terms of service.

Just ask the businesses that Instagram has already forced to close.

Nevertheless, based on Ploxia’s features, programmes, pricing, and risk level, I will present an objective and honest evaluation.

Ploxia’s Main Features

The features are probably what you would expect from a service like this.

  • Dashboard for Account Management and Promotion
  • targeting and communicating with an audience
  • total control over the setup of your activities and time

They assert that they can be used for both personal and professional accounts to schedule and engage in activities.

With this completely automated method, nothing needs to be downloaded.

They further assert that they offer technical help and are safe to use.

Top-rated Growth Tools for Instagram

Here is my list of the best Instagram growth tools. Ploxia survived, right?

Rank Growth Service More Info
1 UseViral Visit
2 Seek Visit
3 Growthoid Visit
4 Kicksta Visit
5 Nitreo Visit

Ploxia Pricing

If you want to promote your Instagram account using the Android app, Ploxia will cost you $11.99 for 30 days.

If you want Instagram direct mail, it will cost you $10 and last for 30 days if you use the Android app to do it.

It costs $9.95 for 30 days to use their Instagram automated publishing feature using the Android app.

They claim that they will charge you $10 for 30 days for the advertising of your TikTok account.

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Is Ploxia Safe? Is It a Scam?

With Instagram bot services, it’s crucial to address issues of safety and risk.

Pros and Cons


  • They provide a risk-free trial.
  • Their website is encrypted using https.
  • Pricing and packages are open.
  • For questions, there is a support website with an email form.


  • Lack of round-the-clock assistance
  • Website reviews that can be false (they may be real, but they are at best questionable)

While I wouldn’t say that this service is fraudulent, its consumers do run the high risk of using a publicly acknowledged Instagram bot.

Additionally, they conceal a lot of their information from the general public, which is unacceptable in any industry.

Despite being rated as 72% safe, the website’s betting services are under doubt.

We simply cannot advise you to employ a bot to expand your Instagram following since, eventually, it will be shut down.
They may be able to escape for a little while, but eventually their bugs will catch up with them.

What About the Team?

Businesses that value their customers will make sure to mention themselves occasionally.

They’ll be sure to include some personal information on their website so you can learn more about the people who created the features.

As you would have anticipated, we were unable to locate anything similar on Ploxia’s website, raising serious concerns about their reliability.

Ploxia Coupon

Do you currently have a valid Ploxia coupon? If so, kindly share it below.

Say Something!

Important: Do you speak for this business?

Do you dispute my assessment? I do make mistakes occasionally. Let me know what’s factually incorrect in the comments section, and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

Getting Started with Ploxia

The first step in using Ploxia is to visit their website through your web browser and explore the features that are available.

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You will be able to select from a variety of features depending on your present financial situation and your individual preferences for Instagram growth.

They will then ask you for a small amount of information before you pay for their features.

After payment, you can anticipate their functions to be available, and if there are any problems, you can contact their support staff.

A Review of Ploxia

Free Trial

Let’s focus on the positives and offer a free trial.
Before you sign up, Ploxia does offer a free trial, which is advantageous if you want to try out their services without committing.

Secure Site

You shouldn’t commit to anything that doesn’t run on a secure https site, so the fact that their site passes the test for safety is a good place to start.

Visible Prices

Their costs are clear, so you won’t likely be hurt in the future by unforeseen price hikes.

Support Page

They do have a support page where you can submit your question via an email form.

Now, the Negatives

24/7 Support

There doesn’t seem to be any 24/7 support. If their services fail on you after hours and there is nothing you can do to fix it, this is a drawback.

Real Reviews

Despite the fact that Ploxia has reviews on their website, it’s doubtful if they are authentic. They appear to be generic and deceptive on the surface.

Review Conclusion

While their software is highly advanced and capable of calculating your involvement with some degree of precision, there is a chance that your account will be linked to an Instagram bot.

Additionally, you would have lost your hard-earned money if they were to close shop.

Not without reason, I have opinions on Ploxia and its website.

Not only did I conduct my own study, but I also found another website that supported my conclusion.

Working with a bot is not recommended because it increases the risk.
Top Alternatives to Ploxia

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