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GamingPlayStation Stars launches in Asia today, with more markets coming soon

PlayStation Stars launches in Asia today, with more markets coming soon

Yesterday, Sony finally made the long-awaited PlayStation Stars loyalty program available in Asia. By participating in a variety of tasks and challenges, players can gain loyalty points and digital items. You may use your loyalty points to purchase a range of PlayStation Store goods.

What does the PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program entail?

The only prerequisite for using PlayStation Stars is having an adult PlayStation Network account. Users must use the PlayStation app for Android or iOS to access the portal, or go to the PlayStation.com website. Sadly, the experience is not currently accessible on consoles.

Participants in this program will be able to play any game in their library or obtain a particular in-game trophy by completing a monthly check-in. The app will be more appealing to use when these projects and campaigns are updated regularly.

The Dates of the PlayStation Stars’ Releases

  • September 29 in Asia, Japan included:
  • North and South America: October 5
  • Australia, New Zealand, and Europe: October 13

What you need to do to join PlayStation Stars

Joining PlayStation Stars is free. Only an adult PlayStation Network account and acceptance of the program’s Terms of Service are required. While having a PlayStation Plus membership comes with some advantages, Joining PlayStation Stars is not necessary for a PlayStation Plus subscription.

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Loyalty points and digital collectibles are the two sorts of incentives that participants in this program can acquire. As of right now, players can use their points to get prizes from a catalog. These prizes could be digital collectibles, items from the PlayStation Store, or PSN cash.

Digital collectibles are just what they sound like. Sony will have a large selection of products available, including both common and extremely unique variations. The PlayStation app will allow users to view a display case where the items can be placed.

When will PlayStation Stars be available to you?

Those who are currently in Asia can see this program live, and beginning on October 5, people in North and South America will be able to watch it as well. On October 13, the show will be shown in more places, including Australia, Europe, and New Zealand.

How can you use your points?

On the PlayStation App, under your Player Profile/PlayStation Stars Points History, players can find their earned points. These points are available to gamers so they can use them to redeem rewards. Digital games, collectibles, and PSN wallet money all fall under this category.

To redeem your points, go to PlayStation App > Player Profile > Playstation Stars > Rewards Catalog.

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