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Frequently Asked QuestionsPiP Video Editing: How To Make a Duet Video?

PiP Video Editing: How To Make a Duet Video?

Today, we are going to discuss PiP video editing & How to make a Duet video.

A Photo inside a Photo Whether your video app is an e-learning platform or a TikTok-like experience, video editing is one of the essential things to have. It gives customers access to fully functional tools for making content and gives your business the tools it needs to dominate the market.

But when it comes to development from scratch, it frequently requires a lot of work, time, and money to succeed. Instead, you can purchase a robust PiP video editor that uses pre-made SDKs.

In this article, we’ll explain how to create a duet video using Banuba’s Film Editor SDK and go over some of the most important use cases, advantages, and characteristics of a PiP video creator.

A Quick Overview of PiP Video Editing’s Features

Picture-in-picture and “duet” are interchangeable terms. The latter phrase became well-known after TikTok popularised it. Therefore, both might be used for editing videos.

In essence, the feature plays two video concurrently. There are other approaches to doing this, though:

Reaction one of the most lucrative forms’ most typical layout. With the answer in the top left or right corner, most of the screen is taken up by the main video.

Floating The rectangular video is positioned above the circle-shaped one.

Side-by-side. The videos are separated by a vertical line on the same screen.

top/bottom. similar to the above, but with a horizontal line in between.

three displays. The arrangement of the three videos is comparable to one of the forms mentioned above.

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Another useful feature is “switch,” which moves the clips around so that, for example, the video being talked about moves to the top right corner and the presenter’s face takes up most of the screen.

5 Use Cases for the Picture in Picture Video Editor

The following are the most typical applications for PiP in video editing:

edit videos. There are numerous other applications for it besides the reply format indicated above. For example, showing the same event from different points of view or letting one singer sing three parts at the same time.

Video chatting Both informal and formal video messaging have a place for duets, whether it is for commenting on your baby’s first steps or displaying a presentation that is playing in the same window.

Dating. A fantastic way to introduce yourself is to display your hobbies and remark on them.

eLearning. Content producers can create engaging, instructive videos using the video editing tools in PiP by, for instance, displaying a method and its explanation side by side.

Journalism. Interviews and in-depth analyses might both work well in a side-by-side format, especially if they are used to make articles more interesting.

The Principal Advantages of Picture-in-Picture Video Editing

First off, it provides your users with a helpful tool for producing original content. No matter if you are working on a video-based social network or a video editing programme, this is applicable. Extremely common and with a good probability of becoming viral are reaction videos. So granting access to them is beneficial for retaining and attracting new users.

The second benefit of PiP in video editing is that it makes your software stand out from the crowd. Although the idea of picture-in-picture video editing was first used in the early 1970s, many social networks and video editing programmes do not even provide the most basic version of this feature. You stand a better chance of having your product selected by users if it has a PiP video producer.

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Making duet videos for TikTok: Steps

  •  Install the TikTok app on your device
  • Launch the programme and sign in.
  •  Choose which video to include in your duet video.
  • Select the picture-in-picture or duet video option from the screen by clicking the share button.
  • After that, start working on your film while the selected video plays on the side of the screen.
  •  You can add stickers and additional effects from the setting to the duet video to customise it. Next, after choosing a cover for the recorded video.
  •  That’s all; your duet video is complete and ready to be shared with your audience.

Duet videos on Instagram Reels

The Instagram App offers a framework for creating quick videos called Instagram Reels. On the app, there are many ways to make videos, share memories, and advertise businesses, but you cannot directly make duet videos.

In order to create duet videos for Instagram Reels, you need an online picture video maker. What you must do is as follows:

  •  Copy the video link for the Reels video
  •  Go to posting after editing the URL in the browser.
  •  Pick the picture-in-picture video and add it to the video editor application that’s been installed.
  • Download the video and share it with your audience and company on Instagram Reels.

Various Techniques for Producing Duet Videos.

Reaction: These are the formats that video producers use the most frequently. The primary video dominates these duet videos, and the response to the video appears in the top left or right corner.

Overlapping: a video with a rectangular shape and a video with a circle shape.

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The two videos are divided vertically, and these clips play one after the other.

Top or Bottom: These are divided horizontally rather than vertically and fit on the two horizontal screens.

Three Screens: Three screens are set up in one of the patterns listed above.

The benefits of duet videos

The latest and coolest media to stream on social media and websites are duet videos.

Duet videos’ wildly popular format is reaction videos. They instantly go viral online and generate the necessary buzz for your brand. Businesses can use this chance to tell people about their brand, start a conversation about a problem, and find new customers.

Videos with a duet are beneficial for retaining and gaining new users. Although picture-in-picture videos have been around in some form for decades, they have recently gained popularity. Duet videos are now very common among video creators all over the world thanks to sophisticated editing software that has built-in layouts and hundreds of settings, etc.

Duet videos can help independent video producers gain more subscribers and market their talents. For their social media accounts and brands, businesses can gain viewers and followers.

Let’s summarise.

To reap the most rewards, use a top video editing programme to create picture-in-picture videos that you can then post on websites and social networking pages. Consult the instructions, evaluate several online applications, and select the top one to display your talent. It is a unique way to promote your goods and services to users and get as much traffic and interaction as possible online.

These duet videos give you an advantage over other video producers and companies. So don’t delay; start integrating right away to provide your channel and company with excellent web traffic.

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