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GamingOverwatch 2 Players Claim They've Been Banned After Picking One Hero

Overwatch 2 Players Claim They’ve Been Banned After Picking One Hero

Some Overwatch 2 players are complaining that they are receiving numerous reports and even bans as a result of using Doomfist as their character.

Doomfist was changed from being a damage character to a tank in the second Overwatch installment. His ability to deal damage is significantly reduced as a result, and his equipment also changes.
This, according to a ComicBook.com piece, has also resulted in a general decline in Doomfist favour among colleagues. Some players that continue to play as tanks believe they are being punished by Overwatch 2 automatic report system.

Harassment to Doomfist Mains

Doomfist mains, or individuals who frequently choose Doomfist, reported being bullied by their teammates for their decision.

A Doomfist participant shared their experience on the Reddit platform. The player claimed that they had enough teammates to file a report, which started the game’s automatic procedure. A month-long ban was placed on that person.

“It’s been incredibly irritating for a number of reasons, and I can’t wait until he receives any sort of buff in hopes that it’ll shift [people’s] perceptions toward him,” the player wrote in the post.

What Blizzard Is Doing so far

Overwatch 2 will continue to receive updates with every new season, possibly including character buffs and nerfs. Blizzard, a video game developer, has previously stated their intention to update Doomfist going forward.

The corporation had previously announced that Zarya and Sombra’s characters would be changing in the future. They assert that this will increase Doomfist’s appeal as a choice and his standing with players.

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In a blog post about Doomfist specifically, Blizzard stated that they were keeping an eye on his play rate and performance in relation to the other tanks in the game. In the upcoming game season, they might continue to enhance his power block and meteor strike.

It was stated that because of the modifications made when moving into the subsequent season, each new season will feel more distinctive and varied. They also expressed a readiness to make additional adjustments to the game’s balance if necessary.

There is no doubt that Blizzard wants its game to continue to be fair and fun.

Doomfist Rework

Doomfist is now in a strange circumstance as a result of modifications made to Overwatch 2, according to Gamespot’s profile of him.

He changed into a tank, which gave him far more life but also diminished his attack power, making it difficult for you to defeat the majority of foes.

His hand cannon does a respectable amount of damage, but four shots are insufficient to finish the job.

If timed correctly, his Rocket Punch is still quite potent, and a new ability shortens the charge period for his defence talent.

According to Gamespot, Doomfist is not the best defensive tank on the field until Blizzard makes some modifications and improves his talents, but he is still playable because of his combinations.

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