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TechnologyNvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s big bet on A.I. is paying off as...

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s big bet on A.I. is paying off as his core technology powers ChatGPT

In its most recent earnings release, NVIDIA demonstrated that its strategic investment in artificial intelligence has paid off by reversing course and outperforming expectations. Due to the company’s intense work on AI, which made this feasible, ChatGPT is currently powered by the company’s technology.

The company’s renowned A100 processors are focused on AI operations, and ChatGPT-based computers or systems use NVIDIA’s GPU to provide the necessary processing power.

NVIDIA Revenue Grew Thanks to Its AI Investments

In an interview with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang for CNBC, Huang said that NVIDIA has realized that artificial intelligence is the future and that during the previous few years, the business has concentrated on developing products and conducting research in this area.
Unfortunately, the company did not experience immediate success because it struggled for a number of years before turning around its revenue to a level that was suitable for it. Even so, it would not be conceivable without its investments in AI.

“Around ten years ago, we began to realize that this approach to software development may fundamentally alter everything. And we made major, lateral, and bottom-up changes to the business. Artificial intelligence was the primary emphasis of every chip we produced,” “Huang remarked.

The revenue reported by NVIDIA for the fourth quarter of 2022 decreased by 21% from the same quarter in 2021, although the revenue for the entire fiscal year remained stable.

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ChatGPT is Powered by NVIDIA Now

As ChatGPT and other LLMs (long language models) in the technical landscape are powered by this processor, NVIDIA’s bet on artificial intelligence has clearly paid off. Huang announced an upcoming processor to CNBC that is based on the H100 and has a transformer engine; the CEO referred to this processor as the “T” in ChatGPT.

NVIDIA and its GPUs

NVIDIA, a technology corporation with headquarters in Santa Clara, focuses mostly on graphic processing units (GPUs), which are its core product line and have propelled the business to the top of its sector. In the past, it had to contend with a variety of rivals and opponents, and AMD is currently one of its most important foes.

NVIDIA first erred on the side of gaming to provide the graphics card a computer needed, which was then employed in a desktop arrangement and coupled with CPUs available on the market.

Even so, the company has advanced from its days of producing GPUs solely for gaming, particularly thanks to important partnerships with Microsoft that involved leveraging its GPUs to aid in the construction of an AI supercomputer that would eventually provide the “first public cloud.”

NVIDIA is still one of the most recognizable brands in gaming for all graphics card requirements, and the corporation is already well-known for this product. With NVIDIA’s most recent successes with ChatGPT, its recent change and concentration towards AI have paid off and proven to be yet another lifeline for the company when revenue started to decline.

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