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GamingNintendo Was Going To Cause A Controversy At EVO 2014, But This...

Nintendo Was Going To Cause A Controversy At EVO 2014, But This Employee Stopped It

Kit Ellis saved Nintendo from another embarrassment with the fighting game community.

Nintendo is usually a very traditional company that takes great care in the exposure and treatment of its franchises and several times in its history it has made decisions that have been highly criticized by fans. On the list was going to be the banning of Super Smash Bros. Melee in the EVO fighting game event in the last decade, but a member of the company prevented it.

In 2013, a decision that caused great chaos was to leave EVO 2013 without the title, something that was reversed after the amount of criticism it received, allowing fans to enjoy the title in the tournament.

However, today we know that Nintendo’s intention was clear, as it planned to do the same in next year’s edition. This was revealed by former Nintendo public relations manager Kit Ellis.

In a new episode of his Kit & Krysta channel, Ellis, who shares with former Nintendo public relations manager Krysta Yang, the Japanese company apparently participating in EVO 2014 was not part of his priorities nor did he intend to participate in it. the event.


The controversy that was generated in EVO 2013 with the almost prohibition of Super Smash Bros. Melee was so great that it considers that it is “one of the worst moments of public relations of Nintendo”. He didn’t want it to happen again, so he took matters into his own hands and ultimately managed to successfully establish a relationship with the EVO organizers that not only allowed Super Smash Bros. Melee to be at EVO 2014, but lasted for years.

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In fact, Ellis says that thanks to this initiative, Nintendo was surprised to have solved this issue and invited him to take care of it for future editions. However, Ellis preferred to cede this responsibility to another member of the Nintendo Treehouse.

Interestingly, at the end of 2021 Ellis and Yan left Nintendo of America and shortly after it was announced that Nintendo would not have a presence at EVO 2022 . The above could make many think that his departure had something to do with this, but the truth is that the causes may be other, such as the scandals that have involved the organizers of the event and that today it is part of PlayStation.

“It makes sense that Nintendo isn’t there right now… but Nintendo and EVO had a couple more good years,” Ellis said (via Nintendo Life).

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