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Frequently Asked QuestionsNEWS High-Speed Internet Service Will Be Available in Several US Cities Thanks...

NEWS High-Speed Internet Service Will Be Available in Several US Cities Thanks to Google Fiber

In the coming years, Google Fiber intends to expand to a number of communities in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, and Nevada, marking the company’s first significant growth since its 2015 separation from Alphabet Inc. In his first public interview since being appointed as Google Fiber’s chief executive in February 2018, Dinni Jain stated that his team is finally ready to “add a little bit more build velocity” after more than four years of honing operations. Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, and Idaho are the new states. Projects in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Mesa, Arizona, as well as three of those, have all just been announced.

According to Google Fiber CEO Dinni Jain, “These states will be the key focus for our growth for the next several years, combined with continuous expansion in our current metro areas.” ” Also, we’d love to speak with localities that wish to construct their own fibre networks. We’ve seen this approach operate well in West Des Moines and Huntsville, and we’ll keep looking for opportunities to support initiatives of a similar nature. Stay tuned as we “fill up this image with more facts about our new cities, even faster speeds, and enhanced customer experience” in the coming months, Jain urged the public. Other than his comment about “the next several years,” Jain didn’t provide a particular date for when residents may anticipate their homes being wired. He did note that Google Fiber has recently been active in other cities, though.

Plans for a Google Fiber extension

What markets it will specifically target in each state is unknown. However, based on median download rates, Las Vegas, Nevada; Denver, Colorado; Boise, Idaho; Phoenix, Arizona; and Omaha, Nebraska were among the top 30 locations with the slowest internet speeds, according to Ookla’s Q2 2022 fixed broadband speed report. These cities are close to some of the places where Google, the parent company of Fiber, operates data centres. For instance, Google operates data centres in Council Bluffs, Iowa, just outside of Boise, Idaho; Storey County, Nevada, near Reno and Henderson to the southeast of Las Vegas; and Papillion, Nebraska, southwest of Omaha.

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Alabama, California, Georgia, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah are already service areas for Google Fiber. It provides its Webpass fixed wireless access service in the states of California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, and Washington. Along with sustained growth in our current metro areas, these states will be the primary focus of Jain’s growth strategy for the ensuing few years.

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