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New World All Resource, Interactive Maps, And Locations 2022



New World All Resource, Interactive Maps, And Locations 2022

Today, we are going to discuss New World All Resource, Interactive Maps, And Locations 2022

The popular role-playing game New World by Amazon Games was delayed and eventually launched in September 2021. The game was originally scheduled for release in May 2022, but it was postponed for unspecified reasons. The game’s map resembles that of America, but it is a made-up continent full of various monsters. To begin your adventure, assemble a team of five combatants and sign up for one of the three servers that are available. In the game, you can do a lot of different things, such as crafting, fighting, gathering resources, exploring, killing monsters, and completing quests.

You must aim your strikes correctly to do damage and take out foes because the game lacks an auto-locking combat option. Get this by working hard and practising. Stronger adversaries will attack you as you go through the game’s levels, and battle complexity will also rise. You need to control your stamina, mana, and health in order to perform better in battle. Time your assaults, block and evade enemy fire, sneak up behind foes, and heal yourself to stay in the fight longer.


Since Aeternum is a sizable place that you will be exploring, you need a map to find your way around and save time. The game also calls for a variety of different materials, and tracking them out without a map is a problem. Most explorers start by trying to get their hands on a map that provides the most details. You might not realise it, but these maps are necessary if you want to gain New World Gold. You can use the New World Interactive maps listed below to navigate the game’s content on your own.

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Interactive Resource Maps for the Whole New World

There are currently just three accessible maps for New World, and each one provides details on various resources, tasks, NCPs, and opponents.

  • The Official New World Map
  • Mapgenie
  • A Fresh World Map

The Official New World Map

As the name implies, this is the game’s official map, and it differs significantly from the other types that are accessible. The map is amazing in terms of aesthetics, and when you hover the cursor over it, it provides detailed information about various game locations. It has the nicest graphics and is quite detailed. When you click on a location, a new page including all the relevant details about that location will be opened.

A Fresh World Map

Because you may learn about resources, chests, documents, sites of interest, non-playing characters, etc., this map is more useful than the official New World map. The map also displays the precise coordinates based on the cursor’s location, so you can store them for later use. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for in the game, you can just choose the filters you want from the list below to show only the information you want on the map.
Metropolis and Other Places

  • Ores
  • plants
  • Woods
  • Essences
  • Chests
  • Monsters
  • Documents
  • Fishing
  • NPC
  • Areas
  • Interested areas


The greatest option if you are low on resources is Mapgenie, popularly known as the New World resource map. Due to its attributes, it also functions as an alternative to the official New World Map. The map offers a thorough overview of all locations in relation to all the game’s resources. You can quickly find anything you’re looking for using Mapgenie. Locations, loot, enemies, animals, minerals, resources, fungi, motes, and several other collectibles are just a few of the many different types of resources you can locate. With a few clicks, you can add new destinations to the map and manage custom locations.

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What sources may one find in the New World?

As you are already aware, the New World is full of resources, and in order to make the most of them, you must gather and refine them. Each kind of resource requires a particular kind of talent to gather. Before the game permits you to harvest particular materials, you must also achieve certain level requirements. This illustration will help you understand why these level requirements are absurd. Silver can be obtained from the game map at level 10, but tracking it requires at least level 35. The same is true of all the other materials that are readily available.

The locations of these resources will show up on the built-in radar at the top of the screen if you have already unlocked the skill and advanced it to the specified level. This is only the first half of the assignment; to find the locations of these resources, you now need a different form of map. While you can acquire some materials without the need for a tool, you can also harvest some resources with the use of your crafting abilities. All of the resources that are at your disposal, along with some that are free, are listed here.


You can obtain these fundamental resources from the game map. Some of them require tools to gather, while others may be done with just your hands.

  • Stone — Mining
  • Ore — Mining
  • Animal Hide — Skinning
  • Wood — Logging
  • Fruit — Harvesting
  • Vegetables — Harvesting
  • Herbs — Harvesting


To get these resources, you have to refine raw materials at a station that you can find on the map.Because they are somewhat expensive, these purified resources can be offered on the market for a higher price. The price of these resources is affected by how much people want them and how much it costs to make them.

  • Ingots — Smelting
  • Fiber — Weaving
  • Blocks — Stonecutting
  • Gemstones — Stonecutting
  • Planks — Woodworking
  • Leather — Tanning
  • Cloth — Weaving
  • Essence — Arcana
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You can easily gather all of these free materials without any special abilities. They will be accessible to you as soon as the game begins. You can also make money while doing what you like by selling New World coins to other players on

  • Briar
  • Bulrush
  • Bush
  • Flint
  • Fungus
  • Nuts
  • Saltpeter


Are there different maps in the New World?

You’re in luck since you can use two interactive maps to see where chests, NPCs, and other things are located. No matter how much you know about MMOs, you’d be a fool to ignore such detailed maps.

What makes it the “New World”?

Europeans have no idea about the other continents. Before Columbus found the Americas, the “world” made up of Europe, Africa, and Asia was called the “Old World,” while the Americas were called the “New World.”

In the New World, how can I enable resource tracking?

Resources Tracking in the Modern World

Once a resource has been unlocked, it can be tracked using the compass in the upper right corner of the screen.

To be able to track a resource, you must first harvest it to the level it needs to be at.

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